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  1. Very impressive venues. I went to a show at Madison Square Garden last Saturday and can appreciate why Led Zeppelin liked to play there!
  2. Totally surpass The Who and everyone else for that matter!
  3. Does anyone have the ice cream cone pictures from the 1980something? They are understatedly delicious...
  4. He still has that little look of mischief.
  5. He's up to something here, isn't he?!
  6. Thanks to all for posting pictures--they are amazing!
  7. He's very, um, limber...
  8. It is vanilla in the original pic--I had it posted over my desk in my dorm room when it came out. I probably could have gotten better grades, but that PICTURE!!!!!
  9. It's lonely at the bottom. Man it's dizzy at the top. And when you're standing in the middle, ain't no way you're going to stop. How true it is!
  10. Totally..you are soooooooooooooo right!
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