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  1. As Jimmy Page said in the Berlin Periscope interview last night, a 10th Led Zeppelin studio album would have had a focus on 'pretty clever riffs'. Let's hope he has some good ones left for any work he may have planned in the (hopefully soon) future. I really like For Your Life from Presence, which I believe was played on the '62 Lake Placid blue Strat. (Or '64 or '65 ... depending where you look.!)
  2. It seems Robbie has got the upper hand over Jimmy. Planning permission granted.
  3. Maybe this sheds some light .... Panthers26 posted information on the stevehoffman forum back in 2012. Basically E.G. means "exempli gratia" => free sample. (Promo copy) Panthers26 had what he believed to be a UK / Promo test pressing but was disappointed with the lack of power / punch in the bass / drums department.
  4. https://twitter.com/LedZepNews/status/610755504516804609 Todays event in London
  5. Let's hope St Tristan's Sword doesn't turn out to be one of the many 'untitled instrumentals' we know and love (sic) which have been available for years on a fair few bootlegs. ... Can't wait to listen to these last three sets.
  6. I haven't seen on this forum yet ... apologies if already here somewhere.... http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6214409/record-industry-considering-a-standard-global-album-release-day making Friday 31st July a great day to be a Led Zeppelin fan!
  7. I am that Pilot !!! ............................................................................................... just joking, in a playful mood today ..
  8. Hey! I'm first to post on this topic in 2015. -- I 'borrowed' my sisters LZ4 when she bought it on release back in the day. Hooked since. Gutted I missed the first couple of years but made up for it since. Can't move for Zep related stuff in my house.
  9. I notice that John Davis' twitter feed indicates 'lots of treats' on Coda. We have a while to wait but sounds promising.
  10. I'd love a 'Garden Tapes' type of scrutiny on the DELUXE - COLLECTOR - OPEN editions of this tome. Just to see what we are parting with our cash for. Are there that many differences? Very happy with my Open edition. Recommend anyone to purchase this while available. Dissapointment is not a possibility!!! I can't believe that any Zeppelin related product is so relevant almost THIRTY FIVE YEARS after the band officially disbanded. (1980) Long may it continue.
  11. Just taken delivery of the book. Crikey! thought they'd sent a whole pile of them - the size of the box - but just the one inside. And yes it is HEAVY. £40 well spent. Are there any differences with this edition from the original limited edition in terms of content? I don't think I would ever spend £250 on a book, whoever released it.
  12. Never any doubt with Stairway. Sounds very dissimilar to the plodding Taurus. I can't believe the accusation has the legs to amount to anything. Looking forward to the release as planned of IV - with no delay due to this silliness.
  13. HTWWW - all three discs playing; over and over and over..... The third disc is especially good I think. Must have a listen to the boots of these two shows to see the difference / between tracks chatter etc. Worst thing about official live stuff is what is edited out!! This is what Pagey should be putting out - more live shows (The Stones have the right idea.)
  14. Amazon are usually pretty good so can't complain I suppose. Thursday June 5th confirmed for my Zep orders. I suppose their workload has gone up due to these releases. I shall have to just be patient and read what others lucky enough to get theirs before me are saying. I'm trying not to listen to anything till I get mine. Difficult!!
  15. C'mon... you cannot choose. I live - breath - and die with Zeppelin tracks ringing in your ears. I want it all, and I want it NOW .. (( oh. ! that's Queen isn't it!? ) . ...... but if you push me......mmm .... (well at the moment anyway) Communication Breakdown. ... but it WILL be another track in the next moment. (Name me a bad one... there isn't one as far as I'm concerned.)
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