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  1. "Your Time is Gonna Come" - Led Zeppelin
  2. Listen at the 4:05 mark if you don't want to enjoy the entire song:
  3. Two degrees above zero and two and a half inches of new snow. Winter SUX!
  4. LMAO...good one! "What is and What Should Never Be" - Led Zeppelin
  5. Day 2 of three where the daily high temperature is not above freezing, and it's been snowing since 1000 hours. We are 11 inches above our average snowfall amount for the year...and our "snowiest" month (March) is yet to come!
  6. Snow tonight, snow again Wed night and again for next Monday! We have had measurable snow 9 out of 17 days so far in February.
  7. "I Can't Quit You Baby" - Led Zeppelin
  8. Agree! That and "The Gentlemen" are my two recent favorite movies so far. Beat the hell out of the re-makes and comic book movies!
  9. ....snowed last night (2 inches), snowed all day today. It was supposed to get to 36 and sunny, but instead we got clouds and snow and a temp of 28 for a high. Next batch of snow is set for Monday. This winter SUCKS! We've only had 3 days above our normal Feb average temp and snow every 3-4 days.
  10. Thanks for sharing Sturie2!!! Will you ever wash that hand again?😀
  11. ...amoebas, parameciums, foraminifera, .......
  12. "Oh my tears they fell like rain." and "Soul of a woman was created below!" which I think of every time I think of my ex!
  13. Don't forget 91 year old Orson Bean who was killed after being struck by one car and run over by a second!
  14. There's nothing special about the movie itself, but in the new "woke" culture of Hollywierd, last year was the "Black Oscars", this year it was the "Asian Oscars"....be prepared for the "Hispanic Oscars" next year. Everyone gets a turn...everyone gets a prize!
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