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    The Misty Mountains
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    Adventure travel, exotic women, wildlife, classic hard rock/heavy metal.

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"I'm just a simple guy, I live from day to day" Grew up in the rural Midwest, thus too young to have seen the mighty Zep back in the day. Nothing was going to stop me from seeing them in London 2007! I got a standing ticket and was front row, just right of center - between Plant and Page! Most incredible night of my life!

Oh, and if you have the "unofficial" DVD of that show, look for the small American flag waving at the beginning and end of the last three songs...that would be me!

Anyway, work as an Environmental Compliance Specialist. Play guitar, lift weights, love adventure travel. I've been to 49 countries and have experienced everything from being chased by elephants and rhinos in Zimbabwe, to being thrown in jail in the DRC for "taking pictures in public" to swimming in Antarctica. Currently living and working on a small island out in the Pacific Ocean.

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