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  1. mIstI

    The Mighty Boosh

    He isn't in IAMX, he just plays bass for them once in a blue moon. (all the fan-girl knowledge accumulates , btw IAMX=hot!)
  2. AH God! On friday we were playing no rules football on half a tiny hall. This girl and I went to kick the ball at the same time, and I got there before her and kicked it away. She didnt stop her foot though, and slammed into my shin and there's the most gianormous bump and fugly bruise I have ever had. It didnt help that she is one of those "sporty peope" who realy go for the ball...hard. Oh yeah then she kicked it into my face. WTF?! Balls don't like me...or that girl.
  3. My feet are shrinking. There a size 2 (uk) which is...I dunno about 2.5 - 4 in American terms.
  4. mIstI

    The Mighty Boosh

    I didnt't get that NME (only one I have ever bloody wanted aswell) and wet dreams...to bloody right! I wanted more than just a written interview between them. And Mona sorry it is a torrent
  5. Random facts. I dont eat crisps I just lick all the flavouring off them Milky Ways are my chocolate bar of choice I've been learning german for over five years but dont understand any of the genetive,dative etc... cases I got drunk for the first time on Sunday night with my friend and took Monday off school...even though I wasn't hungover. I AM SHITTING MY GCSEs but I know I wont work for them.
  6. You have the albums?! Dammit, I had to download all of mine, and I hate it! Apparently Virgin doesn't stock any of their cds but there is no shortage of any other bands *slight over-exageration* oh also the point of this thread: Adam Ant- Stand and Deliver
  7. mIstI

    The Mighty Boosh

    I only have seen the first two episodes, but the third one is on Thursday nights, so not too long to wait. I have good quality download of the second episode. I used to have one of the first but i'd be able to find it for you i'm sure if you'd like to keep your own record of them Mona. I may be able to get you downloads for all the new episodes if possible aswell if you want. (just dont tell the bbc or i die ) ps: he was attractive as hell as a quote unquote punk.
  8. Air The Cardigans Sneaker Pimps We are Scientists (not strictly 1990's but just missed out in the year 2000) There are lost more but I can't remember now..ermm gimme a few mins, but I love 90's music.
  9. Hello short and sweet Much like myself See everyone around!
  10. Till Schweiger...my god he's beauty. And I also wouldn't say no to Mads Mikkelsen (on the previous page)
  11. mIstI

    The Mighty Boosh

    Aww I love the Mighty Boosh! The third series is fantastic! Well worth the wait. I actually could go on about it forever but..I won't. ps: I have a "kittens in a barrell" wall hanging.
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