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  1. Yes, it was insured. Ill be watching for the other to be reported on eBay also. JTM....well said!
  2. I've sold several items on eBay, just not in the past 12 months so their treating me as a new customer. They are definitely different in the UK. Maybe that's why several of my friends have moved there :-)
  3. I just sent another message to the guy. At this point, I think these albums have been exposed to the average post office temperature (which isn't always good for such treasures) for too long. I'm glad I insured them. I think I'm done with eBay. They look out for the buyer but not the seller. eBay won't release the funds till the guy receives the package. Total BS! Who the hell gets such a treasure and leaves it at the post office? I could have delivered them myself by now. ---giant sigh---
  4. I didn't do a reserve on mine. I just put it up for $650 and someone bought it at the last minute. I didn't have time to mess with the reserve. I just wish the guy would pick it up from the post office so I can get paid! I sent an email but didn't get a response.
  5. Still watching this one. Reserve not met yet. It doesn't look like this ones gonna sell this time around. The guy that bought mine has yet to pick up from the post office. I went out of my way for expedited shipping but its been sitting for two days...GGGRRRR I can't wait to see how much this one sells for.
  6. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. It will put food on the table and that is, by far more important.
  7. Good point. Thank you. I had forgotten until someone brought it up. I will change the description. The blemishes are very small and I don't think it's on all four but it is worth adding. Would still be nice to hear from the other seller
  8. The other 100 whites went to the band according to the merchandise store. I think all of them have the black blemishes. I think it would be cool if this guy came back to answer all of our questions. I'm hoping he will be honest if he has the same "mispressing" I have. It would suck for the buyer to get it without knowing. I was honest when I posted mine. No ones bidding but 9 are watching :-(
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