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  1. That is awesome! I need a turn table now! Thanks for the input.
  2. Hello, Going through a bunch of boxes in my basement and came by an old bootleg album I had. I have never listened to it. Anyone know the quality of this album and concert? Thanks
  3. Just listening to Sirius radio, the classic vinyl channel and they made mentioned of a Robert Plant & Jimmy Page Collaboration for next year. Has anybody heard of this any details?
  4. Hey everyone, I was at this show in Worcester. What stands out in my mind was Jimmy playing his bow while surrounded by a laser light pyramid... It was amazing! My buddy who was with me that night, always told me a story about going to the bathroom during the show and he swears that Robert was in the bathroom also. He said he had a baseball hat on and My friend made eye contact with him. He said that Robert had a frightened look on his face that my buddy was going to recognize him and reveal who he was. I never believed the story, Like what the hell was Robert Plant doing in a public bat
  5. Hello Everybody, I saw the show last night in Boston. Awesome time for sure! I really like how Jason addresses the crowd and tells his story about his dad and growing up around the influence of Zeppelin. Very touching. Photos and videos really make you feel how just one person can have an effect on so many! The set was great and the sound was incredible! Don’t miss this show if it comes to your town.
  6. There is a phone ringing in the back ground about 1:38 into " The Ocean"
  7. This album sounds like the last album he did with Alison Krauss. I really respect Robert and what he has done, but I just don’t like this. It pains me that our time is running out with our "Rock Gods" and this is what we have to look forward to. Robert seams very happy and in a place that makes him content but I get bummed when I hear this music compared to the Zep days. I wish Jimmy would put out some music soon!
  8. A few Zep songs that touch me are.....I’m gonna crawl, That’s the way & Tea for One.
  9. I agree with you. I saw Physical Graffiit tons of times in the early 90s. The guitar player was great!
  10. I recently heard a version of Tea for One performed by Joe Bonamassa. Check it out!
  11. I recently heard that Steven Tyler is considered to be a canidate for replacement for Robert. I have a friend who is close to Steven and he says the rumor is true.
  12. Any guesses on the songs that Zep will Open and close with?
  13. I will be glued to my computer hoping to get any news on the concert. I pray they will tour in the United States!
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