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  1. Think it's a good deal for both teams ! Hodgson has come on leaps and bounds this season and has started to show why he was a 1st round pick. With the Canucks also picking up Sami Paulson ...a guy who I believe will make a big difference to our line up ... I think Gillis realized we needed an excellent checking centre for the playoffs and at this moment in time, he's better in that role than Hodgson is. Kassian will add toughness, which we also needed but, in the long run, I believe Buffalo has gained a guy who will be a very good- excellent second line centre for many years to come

    Well said. Both teams just got much, much better. Now if the Bruins could just get healthy again, we may have a shot at another deep playoff run. I loved Rolston when he was here before, and I hope he's still got something in the tank...you gotta think he's going to be a LOT more motivated to play for the defending Stanley Cup champions than for the 13th-in-the-East New York Islanders. I know I would be!!! As for as Zanon, I have no idea what kind of player he is. I heard he blocked enough shots to be #2 in that category last year, so I like that. Mottau - local boy, grew up a few towns away from me - we'll see what happens with him. It seems as if the Bruins had something else on the table that fell through, hence the last-minute deals for those 3 guys. But we're good enough now that the added depth should be a big boost. Good luck to everybody's teams....except when you're playing us, lol!!

  2. He's quoted as saying that LA doesn't interest him and my guess is that he won't go anywhere right now .If you think about it, in dealing Carter, Columbus has cleared a lot of cap space for next season and many years to come. Unloading that 10yr contract was alway's going to be more difficult than seriously trying to trade Nash before the deadline. Having said that, I think they'll trade Nash in the off season when the picture is much clearer and they can get full value for him. Mind you, if someone steps up to the plate this weekend with an offer that can't be refused...all bets are off :lol:

    That's my guess, too. I still wouldn't mind seeing him in a B's jersey, because it's getting harder and harder to believe they're just in a funk. It's been going on too long now. Something - or someone(s) - has got to give. You can't play one period out of three every game and expect to come out on top. Very frustrating to watch!!!

  3. Nice legs Frasier lol

    "The Doctor Is Out" is one of my absolute favorite episodes of all time! Nice call on that one. The writers came up with a brilliant chain of events to put Frasier into a very compromising situation by the time he got to Bad Billy's....and it only got worse from there. One of my favorite quotes from that episode:

    (Frasier and Niles sucking up to Alistair...)

    Roz: "Well, that was thorough. Find any polyps up there?"

  4. No chance.. I've heard we're trading you guy's Luongo for Thomas... :lol:

    Boy, wouldn't that be something, lol. What's your opinion of Luongo? I'm just curious - being so far away from Vancouver and its media coverage, etc., I wonder what the general opinion of his abilities are out there. He's obviously extremely talented, but he seems hot and cold to me as well as somewhat easily rattled. I often think that if Schneider had played more games in last year's final, things may have turned out differently. Not that I'm complaining!!

  5. It's too late to change the title, but what I meant was Favorite Zeppelin Breakup Song, not in general. I thought that would be obvious from the options.

    Yeah, I got that....but given that Zeppelin doesn't really have any clear-cut breakup songs, I guess the closest would be Good Times Bad Times or Tangerine. No harm meant to your thread!

  6. It's turned into a great vivalry. If you talk to people who watch a lot of hockey, they'll tell ya that they wish they could see more Bruins/Canucks games.

    As for who would win a series between the two this year, hard to say. I'd just like both teams to be healthy and ready to go. Having said that, this year I think Boston has a better chance of making the finals than we do. The west is just too hard to predict

    Yeah, well, I definitely know hockey (just as you do) and I totally agree. Who'd have ever thought Boston and Vancouver would turn out to be such a crazy rivalry? It almost - and I do mean almost but not quite - overshadowed our rivalry with Montreal this year. The West is hard to predict for sure, with Detroit really firing on all cylinders, but I do see Vancouver as a heavy favorite to make the Finals again. So much talent there!! Whatever happens, it's sure to be a hell of a ride for all of us!

  7. Even though they beat us in last years finals, I have no problem with the Bruins . They're just going thru a lean spell at the moment. Must remember, they are still the champs and until they lose a playoff series, they'll still be the champs

    Thanks. That actually soothes the wounds inflicted by the B's of late, lol. Also, it's very nice to see a fan of another team who doesn't talk s*it about the Bruins for once! Peace on you, ally! I just now saw you're a Canucks fan. Man, are they good! If we meet again this year, I'm not quite sure the outcome will be the same....

  8. Somethings definitely not right with the Sabres. Way too much talent to be in the position they are in.

    Same goes for the Bruins. They just plain suck right now! I'm sure that makes plenty of people happy - but not me.

  9. Awesome stuff, folks! I love the whole bit above, AutumnGrl, when Martin's reading Daphne's dirty book to her. Soooo funny! Here's one of my absolute favorite lines from Frasier himself:

    "I will NOT be strong-armed by threats against my laundry!!"

  10. ^^^I always wondered: Martin seems to find the vibrating chair somehwat perverse, yet doesn't the "Dirt Pile 1957" (in Frasier's words) have a plug-in for a vibrating feature? I remember seeing a plug coming out of it in some episodes. Great scene nevertheless, though!

  11. This is a little long, but I LOVE this whole exchange (especially the "new issues" bit):

    Schenkman: Bear with me, I'm sorry. I'm, I'm feeling a little stressed.

    Niles: [shouting] You're feeling stressed?!

    Schenkman: Put yourself in my place.

    Niles: I very nearly did! I'm stunned! How... how long has this been going on?

    Schenkman: Two weeks. Maris and I were waiting to tell you when I felt that you were ready.

    Niles: That's despicable! It's unethical, it's... [notices his clothes] are those my pajamas?

    Schenkman: Could be. They bind a little in the crotch. Listen,whatever anger you're feeling can't begin to approach my guilt.

    Niles: Don't bet on it!

    Schenkman: Ah good, that's good, vent that rage. You have every right to.

    Niles: You're sleeping with my wife and you're giving me permission to be angry?!

    Schenkman: Furious.

    Niles: Ah-ah.

    Schenkman: Livid.

    Niles: Ah!

    Schenkman: Yes, you're dealing with it very well, by the way.

    Niles: Oh!

    Schenkman: [holds up champagne glass] I don't suppose you'd care-

    Niles: No! Do you realize you could lose your license for having an affair with a patient?

    Schenkman: Yes, and I deserve to. But it was a risk worth taking because of love. [lies on the couch, while Niles buries his face in his hand] Ah... oh! I love her, Niles. I've never known a woman so warm... so nurturing... so unselfish...

    Niles looks confused at this description.

    Niles: Is it possible this is all a case of mistaken identity?

    Schenkman: Thanks to our sessions, Maris has been unafraid to show me the real woman inside.

    Niles: Damn you, I trusted you! Because you were supposed to be helping us! And I liked you too, you bastard! You betrayed

    my confidence and my friendship, and you seduced my wife!

    Schenkman: Wow, there are a lot of new issues here, aren't there? Think maybe we should kick it up to three sessions a week?

    (Niles flips out and begins to strangle him on the couch)

  12. Holy crap, how'd this thread get by me??

    Niles: "Oh shut up, Frasier! The only thing more hollow than your protests of innocence is your big fat head!

    Frasier: "I....am.....WOUNDED!!!!"

    Anything with Bebe Glazer is priceless, too.

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