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  1. The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan. I wouldn't say I disliked it at first listen, but it didn't really hook me at first. Now it's far and away my favorite of theirs.
  2. Same here. A house built in the 1400's is bound to have a vibe when you walk into it!
  3. Well, thank you, Stargroves. I feel a lot better! We do the exact same arrangement in the band I'm in: "Better Man Than I" straight into "Heart Full Of Soul." Gets a hell of a reaction when we play it out.
  4. Wow, not one vote for Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page? Yeah, the quality sucks on it but his playing is INCENDIARY!! His soloing on "You're A Better Man Than I" is outrageous - a sign of what was to come just a few months later.
  5. Every time I see a show at Hampton Beach Casino, I think of the fact that Led Zeppelin actually played there...and marvel at the thought, because the place is pretty small. The acoustics are horrible, but I doubt I really would've thought of that if I'd been lucky enough to witness that!
  6. Had to go with Live At The Greek. I was lucky enough to witness the pairing of Page and The Black Crowes ( a dream come true for me, since TBC are my second fave) in person many times, and they really had it going on!
  7. What an amazing-looking place. You can't get much of a feel for it from the opening scenes of the movie, but these postcards and pictures do it justice. Just the type of place that I'd imagine Peter living in!
  8. Ha, nothing like jealousy to motivate someone to lash out like Bruce did about Led Zeppelin re-forming for the 02 show. As huge a Led Zeppelin fan as I am, I somehow only recently became aware of his comments back then. I just had to laugh.
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