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  1. My dad came in when I was watching a LZ dvd, looked at the screen, and asked "are those two guys a couple of fruit cakes, or what?" I couldn't imagine trying to explain to my dad that those two "fruit cakes" got more girls than any 100 regular men combined!!
  2. Back seat of my mom's car, with my little sister, in the 70s and jamming to Fool In The Rain!!
  3. Hell yes, they're awesome!! Saw them in Madison, Wisconsin in September, 2012 and they blew the roof off of the place! I now live in Texas and have been continually checking their website for dates here- would love to see them again- you have to go!! Those guys are so lucky- they get to Get the Led Out every day...and get paid for it! Do not miss this show!!!!!!!
  4. I recently saw what looked like a really funny video (was watching at work with no sound available) with Robert Plant ringing the doorbell, a lady answers and he's trying to sell her something...The lady talking to him at the door is yelling at another lady upstairs who I think says to tell him they're not interested and to go away. He leaves a cryptic business card with the first lady, who gives it to the second lady...she starts thinking of the man's voice and looking at the card and is like, no way, couldn't be.... I can't remember where I saw this- can anybody help a LedHead out?
  5. Welcome from Wisconsin! It's freezing here, too...good thing we have Zeppelin to keep us warm!
  6. My son got me the Celebration Day Deluxe set and my boyfriend got me a LZ cigarette case and a signed Stairway poster from an auction house-a very Zeppelin Christmas indeed! Can't wait to watch the Kennedy Center tomorrow night to top it all off-what a year for LedHeads, hey?!
  7. Welcome and wow! I live in Madison, WI and have love Led Zeppelin since I was a litlle kid. My boyfriend lives near Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and swears there are few if any LedHeads in Texas. He says he never hears LZ on the radio, no stations have a "Get the Led Out" time every day like we do, on and on. I'm going for my first visit next month and will be bringing my own emergency stash of LZ, just in case. Good to know you're out there! Rock on and God Bless from the Mad City!
  8. Truly sorry for your loss. I lost my mom recently, also to cancer. My prayers are with you. Zeppelin has also gotten me through the worst-and best-times of my life. After I lost my mom, I found myself listening to "In the Light" a lot, thinking of her. Please know you are not alone.
  9. Hey Dave! I'm a new member, too. I love this site...Welcome!
  10. Thanks for the Welcome, Strider! Yep, Condi Rice is a BIG Zep fan, saw an interview quite a while ago, but she seemed to really be a long time fan. I will be attending "Get the Led Out: The American Led Zeppelin in less than a month here in Madison. Has anyone seen them? Saw a couple You Tube clips and read some reviews and they seem pretty cool, would appreciate any feedback if anyone has caught them lately! Thanks!
  11. Mitt Romney's pick for VP, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, is a huge Led Zeppelin fan! He said in an interview he alternates on his ipod between recordings of budget meetings and Led Zep! Also listens while he works out in congressional gym. Wonder if he and Condi Rice have ever spoken about the boys, traded favorite songs...Probably still won't get my vote, even though I'm from WI, will probably write in Aaron Rodgers!!! But cool to know!
  12. I walked down the isle to "Bron Yur" and actually have it in my will that I want "In The Light" played...hope my loved ones will listen to the words and be comforted...Everybody needs the light!
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