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  1. Album is #1 on the charts.. http://youtu.be/3WfQ-hV3WtA
  2. I could listen to these guys another 40 years..Rock on! http://youtu.be/w05bBkdQqlw
  3. ok, here I go again lol http://youtu.be/30CDaBD_L4o
  4. I like them so much I had to post them again lol at the end of one of their videos, their logo comes up and says"Rock that injures your face" lol
  5. Not sure if this band has been posted here before..if so, sorry for the repeat..just found them a couple of days ago..they're awesome!!!
  6. it really is a matter of a persons taste isn't it? My consideration of what a waste is obviously is different than yours, that's all..and when I feel the need to pay attention to something I'll do so.
  7. I thought there was an offer to get back together for another Zep album and tour..and that was turned down by Robert?
  8. So the offer wasn't made by Jimmy? I was not aware of that..ok thank you
  9. Sorry...But watching Robert Plant singing country music or any other kind of music doesn't do it for me, in fact I can't watch it..He is, always will be, always has been the frontman of Led Zeppelin...That is what he was meant to do..IMO That reminds me..I'll pose this question to you...if I can remember it right, I read that Robert turned down the 200m offer to put Zep back together..sooo if back in 1980 Jimmy was also in agreement of disbanding why was the offer made in 07? In any case I believe it's too late cuz Robert doesn't have the chops anymore to do those songs as they were meant to be done. As far as Jimmy's solo work goes...I don't have much knowledge of what he's done other than hearing that he played on one of the black crowes albums and of course the Page/Plant albums in the mid 90's
  10. Correct..they aren't Led Zeppelin and I'm not going to argue..but I still think that these last 32 years have been a waste of their talents
  11. John wouldn't have wanted them to quit the band was my point..Other bands have replaced members and went on to have successful careers..how does one know really if they don't even try? If it didn't work out then fine...but at least they would have given it a shot...that to me would have honored John
  12. Really? Is this what John would have wanted? I think not..As my memory recalls it was John who had to coax Robert into coming back to the band after Karac died..he wanted to quit then. But this...this 32 years of silence doesn't honor John at all. What honors him is continuing on with the band brought them all together in the first place. You are right in one sense though it was decades ago..What a waste of talent.
  13. Hey thanks for the suggestion!! I LOVE this guys voice!!
  14. Wonder what Maureen thought of these photos of her husband with this girl...
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