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  1. Thank you both, gives her a few to choose from.
  2. Since there are 365 pages in this topic, I've been looking through them a few pages a day. Amazing journey. Anyways, I unfortunately came across some discussions in the 350's (referring to page numbers here) that I really hate to bring up and don't want to start any arguements but it's left me confused. I do understand about getting carried away with ones comments, but I feel a bit mute and must admit a bit scared to say anything. So, please help a newbie and explain if I can or can't mention compliments to certain pictures. Sorry if I've rambled on, but I really debated on wether to ask about
  3. My 14 year old is just learning to play guitar. I asked her what song she would really like to learn how to play. Well, being my daughter, she said she'd love to be able to play something from Zeppelin. Sooooo, my question for you musicians out there (I tried to learn how to play once, fingers must be too short lol) is this: What would you suggest as a starting place for her when it comes to JP guitar playing? FYI, she's must better with electric than acoustic. Thanks so much in advance!
  4. For me, it's the smile...makes me fall off my chair. OK, the eyes get me too...window to the soul and all.
  5. I know I've gone over my limit of what one can take. I honestly favor the silver fox pics these days (maybe because I have a bit of silver too), but this last one has me mesmerized....Thank you so much for posting.
  6. Well, just think about all that IS out there you can catch up on. ... We always had/have 'rock and roll class' for our kids. Don't think they could even remember a time they did't know who Led Zeppelin is. When my youngest was six, her favorite song was Black Dog. I'm so proud.
  7. I'm sad they couldn't do a short tour (USA) after O2 - for me, but also for my teens; one of a kind experience I'd love for them to have.
  8. Whatever it is, I just want to see Jimmy play again...PLEASE
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