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  1. A bit off topic but very interesting (to me anyway). I take it you trade? If so we have so much in common
  2. I agree totally about the packaging. If someones gone to all the trouble to reproduce 'The Object' for profitable gain then they're likely to spend some time on the packaging - to the point of distressing it accordingly. $2ks' a lot of money for a brick However it's not a lot for the real thing and of course the potential to take a cast from it (and profit accordingly). This is from Dave Lewis' 'Tight But Loose files : Celebration II' I'm sure you've all read it but for those who haven't:
  3. A bit of a risk buying a seald one IMO. Would you ever open it? And if you did what if you found it wasn't 'The Object' at all BUT it was a brick!!! Just under $2k at the moment. The last one I saw on ebay; not boxed and badly chipped but had the pink primer showing through on hairline scratches, went for £900. So it could turn out to be the bargain of the century. Triplet Kick. I worked out some dimensions a while ago to start a similar thing to what you are doing. I can't find them on the laptop I'm on at the moment but once I get time I'll check on my other computer and storage devices to see if I still have the measurements. I gave up with the project as it became so damn complicated to work it all. Hence the artist made 1 and cast the others from it. I wonder if the cast still exists OR could you make a cast from an original in perfect condition? $$$$$$$$
  4. Jimmy Page, Drug Discovery News!! Nah.. can't be. Too much of a coincidence. Or is it
  5. Certainly are my friends. I realise that their not totally applicable to this thread as it was at the Zeppelin gig BUT they still are beautiful images and very much worth sharing.
  6. Try using switch. I've had no problems with it. SWITCH
  7. The Black Crowes - April 9 Paul Weller (acoustic set) and Duffy - April 10 The Long Blondes - April 14 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - May 22 Nottingham Dot-to Dot - May 24/25
  8. LOL. Wait till I put up my baby pics.

  9. ^ Hi Chicken . I loved the The Spinning Jennys material and your own stuff. Very talented indeed. Have you tried the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham for gigs? They often put unknown bands on as support/warm up for the main acts. Stoic Revolutions - Joshua Redman
  10. Hi Walter Yeah I like JBT but I've neglected them for a while! Thanks for the reminder. I've never seen them live although I've just missed seeing them several times. Their doing some dates in the UK in September so I might catch them then.
  11. whyalla

    The pub

    Your welcome. Right, who's for a nice 'big' glass of cold white wine?
  12. Led Zeppelin The Black Crowes Suede Rage Against the Machine The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Ed Alleyne Johnson Black Rebel Motorcycle Club The Sundays Zwan Budgie David Sanchez Pulp Radiohead
  13. whyalla

    The pub

    Hi valleygirl Pull up a chair. Now what you drinking? A glass of Rhymney Dark?
  14. whyalla

    The pub

    Anyone up for a Desperado? 1/2 pint beer 1/4 pint tequila 1/4 pint limeade Half fill a pint glass with beer. Add the tequila, then top off with limeade, and serve.
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