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  1. I didn't notice him at the Birmingham gig and let's face it he's not the sort of chap to go unnoticed.
  2. I like this thread. I actually feel like we have a community again. A long time coming IMHO!
  3. My friend you get as much carried away as you need to. I too believe that we can all get along and I recognize that outside off this 'little piece of nostalgia' we all have mundane and difficult lives BUT we should all take a leaf out off your book and be happy with what has gone before - the dream IS DEAD, long live the memories. You’re a good guy who brings some pleasure and humour to this board (Christ knows we need it) and for that reason I salute you - You take care and don't stop ROCK'N ON my friend!
  4. Shame . I wish you and your band the best of luck and maybe next summer you'll be posting the album details.
  5. No problems here ZFF. Your posts are enjoyable to read and never offensive. It’s a refreshing change to read a post that doesn't contain snide and petty remarks just for the sake of it. ROCK ON.
  6. ^ Nice grooves Swede. Is Kari the drummer now? And if so why can't we see a picture of her in her underwear instead od seeing Handsome Hank in his?
  7. Ohh I have the MFSL too. But never played it (what's wrong with me?) So the Jap box set sounds much better than the other re-mastered CD's - that's go to know and thank you for that info. I have the original pressings on CD (non.-remastered) and although lacking the brightness of the mastered ones I much prefer them. I've got the AMJY Jap album releases and the one's I've played are superb, better than the Classic recordings IMO. You can't beat vinyl. ROCK ON to you too my friend.
  8. The news from Amazon says that the album release has been put back to November 23, 2009!!!
  9. Listen Reggie I don't even know what we're bickering about anymore. I'm sorry if I've upset or derided you in any way what so ever and I’d like (if your ok with this) to draw a line under this right now. It was never my intention to disrupt this thread as I can see the amount of work that Steve and others have put into it and I can sense the real pleasure it is bringing to the contributors. And; just for the record, I do recognize Steve A Jones as a most valuable commodity to ledzeppelin.com. I know he thinks that I think contrary to this but I do believe the forum would be a much, much worse place for his absence and feel that what he brings here to share - without asking anything from anybody else, shows a generosity and passion not found in many men. Therefore 1) Reggie, please let's end this silly argument and, 2) I will not post in the Fiction thread again. However I would still like to read through it to see when Jimmy ‘inevitably’ breaks his wrist and the tour is cancelled.
  10. Say whatever you want but remeber it goes both ways. I bet you cut and pasted that from an online dictionary. As for the headaches try wearing reading glasses! If you want to insult people expect to be repaid in kind. I was having a joke with Rorer and if he or she has a problem with it, he or she can take it up with me, none of your business mate.
  11. Hi Steve I thought I was on your ignore list??? Nice response, however you forgot to reference it again. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcontent (Accessed: 27th September 2009)
  12. Come on guys. I realise this is your wet dream fantasy but something as straight forward as getting the first song right between you both should be pretty simple. That's unless Deborah J has never heard Carouselambra before? What happened to this in Steve A Jones’ full concert review? Damn and blast!!! I was hoping they'd play this too.
  13. Wham were blazing out of the speakers! What, Club Tropicana Wham? Or did you miss out a coma somewhere gibberer? Abot??? WTF is this abot???? Do you mean about? Check your grammar, you odious gibberer!
  14. This might help. This is a snippet from an interview by Pete Frame with Jimmy Page for Zig Zag magazine in 1972. Q I think the sessions you’re probably best known for are those Shel Talmy productions, The Kinks in 1964 and The Who just a few months later. A I was thinking about those the other day, and I was wondering why Shel Talmy got so involved with the session men he used to use, because quite often, they just weren’t necessary at all. For instance, I wasn’t really needed on the Who’s I Can’t Explain session, but I was there, and all I managed to do was sneak in a couple of phrases on the B-side. Maybe Talmy used to have people like me standing by in case the group couldn’t quite make it on some level. I mean, The Kinks didn’t really want me around when they were recording. One aspect of being in the studio while potential hits were being made was the press; too many people were making a fuss about the use of session men. I wasn’t saying anything, obviously, but it just leaked out, and that sort of thing often led to considerable bad feeling. Suffice it to say that, during the period of 1964- 1967, I was in there grovelling around on a lot of sessions, but if I went into details, it would be a bit of a nuisance for the people concerned. Q Pete Townshend acknowledges your assistance on Can’t Explain, but Ray Davies is adamant that you played nothing but tambourine on any of The Kinks’ stuff. A That’s fair enough. I didn’t really do that much on The Kinks’ records. I know I managed to get a couple of riffs in on their album, but I can’t really remember. I know that he didn’t really approve of my presence.
  15. I've got this but I don't recall actually ever playing it! Kashmir: Symphonic Led Zeppelin is an instrumental album inspired by Led Zeppelin songs. The music was arranged by Jaz Coleman, and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Peter Scholes. 1 Dawn at the Great Pyramid 2 Kashmir 3 The Battle of Evermore 4 Stairway to Heaven 5 When the Levee Breaks 6 Going to California 7 Friends 8 All My Love 9 Kulu Valley (Ambient Remix) Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashmir:_Symphonic_Led_Zeppelin
  16. A bit off topic but very interesting (to me anyway). I take it you trade? If so we have so much in common
  17. Lets not forget that Robert actually did play guitar on some Zeppelin tracks.
  18. I agree totally about the packaging. If someones gone to all the trouble to reproduce 'The Object' for profitable gain then they're likely to spend some time on the packaging - to the point of distressing it accordingly. $2ks' a lot of money for a brick However it's not a lot for the real thing and of course the potential to take a cast from it (and profit accordingly). This is from Dave Lewis' 'Tight But Loose files : Celebration II' I'm sure you've all read it but for those who haven't:
  19. A bit of a risk buying a seald one IMO. Would you ever open it? And if you did what if you found it wasn't 'The Object' at all BUT it was a brick!!! Just under $2k at the moment. The last one I saw on ebay; not boxed and badly chipped but had the pink primer showing through on hairline scratches, went for £900. So it could turn out to be the bargain of the century. Triplet Kick. I worked out some dimensions a while ago to start a similar thing to what you are doing. I can't find them on the laptop I'm on at the moment but once I get time I'll check on my other computer and storage devices to see if I still have the measurements. I gave up with the project as it became so damn complicated to work it all. Hence the artist made 1 and cast the others from it. I wonder if the cast still exists OR could you make a cast from an original in perfect condition? $$$$$$$$
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