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  1. No, guys I dont mean I want to read the lyrics. I want to read some in depth ANALYSIS of the possible meanings behind the lyrics. The Jethro Tull site does that and its a great read (its not official BTW, its a fan site).
  2. I love "All of My Love" but it would be better without that synth solo, kinda ruins it.
  3. I dont think a beginner to Crowley will get much from the Book of the Law other than a "WTF?"
  4. I was intrigued by a comment Pagey made, saying the band had hidden things in the lyrics on Houses of the Holy, and I wondered if there were any websites dedicated to looking into the lyrics of the band? Jethro Tull have an amazing fan created website like this, http://www.cupofwonder.com/index2.html Surely Zep have something similar?
  5. Sutin's book is excellent, a very, very good read. Colin Wilson did one too which is decent although a little biased. "The Beast Demystified" is totally biased against him and really not worth reading, its just a character assassination. Crowley was a horrible man, but there's no point in a book that ONLY focuses on his bad points, since he had some very interesting ideas as well.
  6. Very interesting, thanks for posting that!
  7. Thanks for sharing I'll have a read at that and share with my bass player who's also a big Zep fanatic. I disagree with the comment above that Zep never stole music - "Dazed and Confused"?
  8. http://snd.sc/zMhlqP I play the lead on it, the pinch harmonics are me too, sorry Zep purists lol Our singer is actually playing the drums on this too, its from a gig we did in Glasgow not long ago - he actually falls off the stool at the end (you can hear him saying "You're seat's f**ked" on the recording BTW), which was pretty entertaining.
  9. Seymour Duncan 59s will get you Jimmys tone for not much cash. I just put a pair of their Seth Lovers in my Les Paul though, and I would recommend those for anyone playing Zep stuff, they cost a little more than the 59s though.
  10. "That's The Way", although the start of "Over the Hills and Far Away" is pretty awesome.
  11. Hi all, I just wanted to make a point on the picture with Jimmy wearing a cross. Followers of the LHP, as "Satanists" are, do things that goes against their character, in order to break fetters within themselves and grow as a person. That could be something like burning a bible for someone who used to be a Catholic, as a symbolic destruction of the aspects of Christianity they feel are hindering their life (guilt over masturbation for example). It could be Jimmy was wearing that cross purely because it represented something he didn't care for but he felt he should wear it to make sure Christi
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