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  1. Excellent! I pre-ordered my book last Sunday.
  2. Well, here in Finland summer has not begun yet (cold, windy, rainy +10 C)
  3. And my thoughts as well. That was absolutely horrible!
  4. I went to the Joe Bonamassa concert yesterday and I have to say he is brilliant. What a talent!! If you have chance, go to see him. Excellent show!
  5. I have tickets to the Joe Bonamassa concert 11th May, here in Helsinki. I'm thrilled!
  6. Thanks for posting this. Interesting....
  7. This is Siiri, she's 8 months old.
  8. I have to say Living Loving Maid, it was in 1970 and I was 7 years old. However, I really started to listen and buy Zep albums after I saw the movie (TSRTS) when I was 14 and fell in love with Robert, prince charming...
  9. "It was obvious the gays got their way tonight. Whatever, they run Hollywood, the land of fruits and nuts. Trust me, I lived there. It's true." Actually I didn't read this last line, this is offensive and I don't agree. I just think Mickey should have won that's all.
  10. Agreed!!!! Mickey got SCREWED big time. This is so wrong!! He should have won. I mean Sean Penn is remarkable, amazing actor but The Wrestler is a piece of art and Mickey's acting was heartbreaking. I'm disappointed!!
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