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  1. This is Siiri, she's 8 months old.
  2. Hi,Tiina63,i am dodge from the uk.I just thought i would say hello,if you dont mind.I just like to chat to fellow zep fans,so say hello some time.Bye.

  3. The Answer, Wolfmother and The Black Crowes have released a new album. Killer!!!
  4. The Doors is my number two band, I also have all the vinyls, cd's, videos, lot's of bootlegs and books etc etc. I have listened and collected them apprx. 28 years. I even went to see 21st Century Doors to Wembley Arena 2003, with Ian Astbury singing. My favourite songs are Roadhouse Blues, Waiting for the sun, Maggie M'Gill, Wishful Sinful, and couple of songs that do not appear on official records: Whiskey,mystics & men, I will never be untrue and Orange County Suite. Live in New York 1970 is also a great bootleg, there's wonderful version of Money.
  5. Thank you all, you are too kind. I knew that someone would pay attention to this AC/DC t shirt, he actually has Zep t-shirts, but I didn't find any pic.
  6. ok, this is my husband and me in Miami couple of months ago
  7. Ok kiitos neuvosta, arvelinkin että jotain erilaista tässä pitää tehdä, kun olen kuitenkin osannut tohon omaan profiiliin liittää kuvat sun muut. Oletko muuten lähdössä Tukholmaan Plant&Krauss konserttiin? Mä olen menossa, sain aika hyvälle paikalle lipun, lattia 8.rivi.
  8. Could someone please advise me, how do I attach my photo to my message? I must be stupid or something but I just can't figure this out.
  9. I just heard the same news moment ago, they said it in Planet Rock news, I wonder how reliable is it?
  10. Hi, nice to see you here!!

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