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    Montreal, Canada
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    Guitar,Bass, mandolin, drums,keyboard,led zeppelin,jimmy page,jimmy jimmy jimmy,

About Me

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Who cares I listen to good music.
I play guitar,bass,mandolin, bit o'drums, and piano by ear
I love music: write it, play it, listen to it
I sold my soul to rock and roll..\m/

I left my heart in the 70s with the hippies, drugs, rock and roll and the cute rockstars & jimmy page is the greatest man ever to grace this planet~

I'm a serious Zeppelin addict, as the majority of people in my life know. Im also more than certain that if ever I did come into contact with Jimmy page and or any of the other members of Led Zeppelin(minus Bonham-RIP), I would 100% completely stop functioning. No doubt.

Besides my utter love for Led Zeppelin, I do love a lot of other genres of music: Blues, rock blues, classic heavy metal, progressive rock and metal, jazz, psychedelic rock.

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