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  1. Since Ive been loving you - TSRTS soundtrack One of my favorites
  2. Good times bad times, or in the evening!
  3. Im going to get the symbols on me soon enough! Been too long that I've wanted it!
  4. I generally like to think I love all the Zep songs, yet I personally can't seem to enjoy Hats off to Roy(Harper)
  5. Ugh I want the Zeppelin symbols tattooed on me so bad that it hurts.

  6. Well happy birthday love! Have a nice one

  7. Well Happy Birthday m'dear!

  8. 6 string, 12 string, and mandolin...
  9. People... aha. yeah people know how to cause trouble that's all I can say
  10. Jack White Blunderbuss album... simply a masterpiece, he's incredible
  11. http://www.youtube.c...v=lzM8i3mXNbQ#! The drums, his flow, what he says...Perfection
  12. Oh definitely! One hell of a bluesman!
  13. I would go with Nirvana, The red hot chili peppers, the smashing pumpkins, Alice in chains,radiohead,
  14. FEW REASONS to consider buying the first collaboration by ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and ex-Whitesnake singer David Coverdale: (3) You relish the idea of hearing grizzled rock stud Coverdale pursing his lips around lyrics like "'Scuse me if my tongue gets tired/An' I will make some sweet love to you." You'll also love it if you like hearing women referred to as "babe," "child," and "mama." (5) You hate Robert Plant so much for not partaking in a full-time Zep reunion that you'll do anything to spite him--even buy this album. (6) For the oh-so-enigmatic cover art, which kind of, almost, sort of brings to mind the covers of Zep albums like Presence. But only kind of. Nah but I really actually love this album!
  15. Some people need to look over how they spell Led Zeppelin. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen “Lead Zepplin” in the other realms of the internet.

  16. Nice. Thanks to Jimmy Page, I really want a theremin now, not that I need one at all, but still resisting the urge…

  17. I was going to play a Led Zeppelin song on the jukebox But I had no quarter.... Aha. ha. ha.

  18. How much can Robert Plant plant if Robert Plant could plant plants.

  19. Battle of Evermore. I’m strongly considering purchasing a mandolin so I can play this…

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