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  1. He is my favorite member of the band yes.. As much as I love the whole band, Jimmy will always stand out to me... why do you guys love him? He always has this mysterious air about him. Dark. Intoxicating. Puzzling. He will never tell anyone too much. And he likes it that way. It’s as if he has control of every aspect of his surroundings, watching the madness unfold as if he was the creator himself. He’s classy. He’s incredibly intelligent. Philosophy. Religion. Politics. It was always said that he had a book in his hand. I admire intelligence. He’s driven. He knew what he wanted and stopped at nothing to get it. He’s confident. Borderline cocky. Which I actually don’t mind on the right person. “I may not believe in myself but I believe in what I’m doing.” He’s an amazing composer. He’s taken works from all over the world: Sitar tunings from India, minor jig compositions from Ireland, deep southern blues structures from the US, and has spun them into amazing music. Blues, classical, flamenco, world, progressive, proto-punk - his styles are innumerable. The legend aspect. (Touched upon in the first bullet.) Between mudsharks, human sacrifices with the devil, and the Boleskine house, there must be nearly 50 myths surrounding one man - one musician. And, curiously, he refuses to talk about any of them. His stare. Those eyes. Pink. Velvet. Pants. Scarves. His constant comparisons of guitars to the sexual aspects of a woman. Even now. His hair. Black or white. His admitted studies in Thelema. I find that fascinating. His appreciation for art and antiques. And the fact that he went to art school. The way he holds/used to hold his cigarettes. The way he completely denies ever being able to sing even though he definitely knows how to sing. His accent. The feelings he displays when he’s playing. His facial expressions. His quiet demeanor despite all that he’s accomplished and all he’s been infamous for. Dragon suits. Recovering Catholic. He’s just so motherfucking sexy ok. He can look like he wants to throw you up against a wall and abuse you backstage while at the same time he can look like he just wants to cuddle with a cup of tea during a rainstorm. Silver fox. His smile. So innocent yet… not at all. His sprinkle of chest hair. Just enough to adorn that amazing chest of his.
  2. I get what ya mean there... As much as I love him and his playing I probably wouldn't go to such extremes. However I have my own violin bow for playing guitar so all is good
  3. Chances of actually making that purchase are below 0...... It would just be a nice guitar to own and such
  4. TashaZoso16

    Young Jimmy

    I like to think of it as silky shiny silver hair Unf.. that gorgeous man..
  5. That's true! How did I forget that one!... well as I said.. basically all their songs, however The Rover is one of my favorites!
  6. Actually I stand corrected, you've made a very good point.... an EDS 1275 on the other hand is really the real prize
  7. Since I’ve Been Loving You (not necessarily in lyrics but in attitude) Custard Pie Black Dog I Can’t Quit You Baby How Many More Times Tea For One Whole Lotta Love Trampled Under Foot In The Light (not really sexual, but that swaggering riff after the intro with Robert’s attitude does things to me) Basically all of their songs.
  8. Ugh I want the Zeppelin symbols tattooed on me so bad that it hurts.

  9. I understand the notion that money can’t buy happiness but $9,305 can buy me a Limited Edition Gibson Custom Signature Jimmy Page Double Neck SG which is even better than happiness so....
  10. TashaZoso16

    Young Jimmy

    Lovely rare photos are always much appreciate m'dear! So thank you!
  11. Well mostly what I know at the moment is Jimmy has had a few children in his travels but is not currently married. Robert has also been married a few times before and has four children. There were rumors that he married his bandmate Patty Griffin in November but I’m not positive. Bonzo was married and had two children. Jonesy is currently married to the same woman he has been for his entire life (aww) and they have three children. That is mostly all I know of for the band themselves....
  12. TashaZoso16

    Young Jimmy

    In all honesty I have the biggest crush on old man Jimmy these days... No shame.
  13. Well happy birthday love! Have a nice one

  14. Well Happy Birthday m'dear!

  15. I dont think either are formally married at the moment.. at least im pretty sure Jimmy isn't
  16. 6 string, 12 string, and mandolin...
  17. Keep it real... Jason is great, Holograms just take away from the music
  18. Same situation that went down with Slash and a Gnr tune... Zep will never agree to this
  19. Tres cool! Would be nice to own that!
  20. People... aha. yeah people know how to cause trouble that's all I can say
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