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  1. Just dropped in to say hello, been a while and good to see you are all still here!
  2. Hi ... Yes, near Cronulla. Didn't get to go, sadly. Heard it went well though
  3. Tempting indeed! Will post if going ... http://www.enmorethe...elin-experience
  4. Oh I feel old, 40 years and luckily still here to remember that day well ... ummm ... sorta well ... anyway I clearly remember the first few that jumped the fence being vigorously pursued and one being actually grabbed but quickly let go as the mass stormed over. Another thing that stuck was it being overcast and drizzling rain and I'm not sure if it was just the ACID and the chillums in the back of the Kombi driving in but magically as the sun came out it shone on the stage area first before clearing further? A few snippets like the Cop that actually smiled when Robert Plant said that "even the Police" bit but enough of that ... what a concert it was!
  5. Sorta got it all, nice way to finish an album too so ... "How Many More Times"
  6. The Song Remains The Same [8 mm Bootleg version] Rain Song [TSRTS] Dazed and Confused [TSRTS] Stairway [TSRTS]
  7. Daily when the LP's first came out. Now, every now and then.
  8. Saw them in Sydney in 1972. I've read where the group said it was one of their favorite performances. all I know is it was massive, blew me head off! We were sitting stage left at the top of the stands when they started and the WHOOOMP from the Bass nearly threw us of the back wall we had jumped up on! Winky grabbed the roof stanchion and a row of arms followed suit or we'd have gone over for sure! It had been drizzle all day and just before they started the sun appeared through the clouds almost like a spotlight on the stage. Damn lucky to see them and still the best live performance I've seen.
  9. Fan since Vol1 came out, so I guess that makes me an old fan
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