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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied,even the ones trying to wind each other up.
  2. There is a lot of argueing going on here, I will re word question if that helps. What is the best not commercially available live show.
  3. Thanks, DAS I'll look out for the 73 sound check.
  4. I remember the days when a new Led Zeppelin bootleg was news, and nearly as easy to buy as the studio releases. Blueberryhill was everywhere in 1971, and I remember reading a review in the music press about the Going to California double album, which was for sale in the small ads in the same publication. It was easy to keep up with them in those days, but now there are so many that I have missed I was wondering if any fans could tell me their favourites, so I can reliably whitle it down to a few definitive ones.
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