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  1. Week 17 Baltimore at Cincinnati Houston at Tennessee Jacksonville at Indianapolis New England at Miami Chicago at Minnesota Buffalo at NY Jets Dallas at Philadelphia Cleveland at Pittsburgh Carolina at Tampa Bay NY Giants at Washington New Orleans at Atlanta Oakland at Denver Arizona at Los Angeles Kansas City at San Diego Seattle at San Francisco Green Bay at Detroit Happy New Year guys and Ms. EBK! Thanks Strider for doing the work, it is appreciated and adds some fun to the football season.
  2. Week 16 picks: NY Giants at Philadelphia X Miami at Buffalo Washington at Chicago San Diego at Cleveland Minnesota at Green Bay NY Jets at New England Tampa Bay at New Orleans Atlanta at Carolina Tennessee at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Oakland San Francisco at Los Angeles Arizona at Seattle Cincinnati at Houston Baltimore at Pittsburgh Denver at Kansas City Detroit at Dallas
  3. Week 15 picks Los Angeles at Seattle Miami at NY Jets Cleveland at Buffalo Green Bay at Chicago Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Tennessee at Kansas City Indianapolis at Minnesota Detroit at NY Giants Philadelphia at Baltimore Jacksonville at Houston San Francisco at Atlanta New Orleans at Arizona New England at Denver Oakland at San Diego Tampa Bay at Dallas Carolina at Washington
  4. Week 14 picks Oakland at Kansas City x Pittsburgh at Buffalo Cincinnati at Cleveland Chicago at Detroit Denver at Tennessee Houston at Indianapolis Arizona at Miami Washington at Philadelphia New Orleans at Tampa Bay San Diego at Carolina Minnesota at Jacksonville NY Jets at San Francisco Seattle at Green Bay Atlanta at Los Angeles Dallas at NY Giants Baltimore at New England
  5. Week 13 picks Dallas at Minnesota Kansas City at Atlanta San Francisco at Chicago Philadelphia at Cincinnati Houston at Green Bay Los Angeles at New England Detroit at New Orleans Denver at Jacksonville Miami at Baltimore Buffalo at Oakland Washington at Arizona NY Giants at Pittsburgh Tampa Bay at San Diego Carolina at Seattle Indianapolis at NY Jets
  6. Week 12 picks: Minnesota at Detroit Washington at Dallas Pittsburgh at Indianapolis Arizona at Atlanta Jacksonville at Buffalo Tennessee at Chicago NY Giants at Cleveland San Francisco at Miami Los Angeles at New Orleans Cincinnati at Baltimore San Diego at Houston Seattle at Tampa Bay New England at NY Jets Carolina at Oakland Kansas City at Denver Green Bay at Philadelphia
  7. Week 11 picks New Orleans at Carolina Buffalo at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Cleveland Baltimore at Dallas Jacksonville at Detroit Tennessee at Indianapolis Tampa Bay at Kansas City Arizona at Minnesota Chicago at NY Giants Miami at Los Angeles New England at San Francisco Philadelphia at Seattle Green Bay at Washington Houston vs Oakland
  8. Cleveland at Baltimore Green Bay at Tennessee Denver at New Orleans Los Angeles at NY Jets Atlanta at Philadelphia Chicago at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Washington Kansas City at Carolina Houston at Jacksonville Miami at San Diego San Francisco at Arizona Dallas at Pittsburgh Seattle at New England Cincinnati at NY Giants
  9. Week 9 picks: Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at Cleveland Jacksonville at Kansas City NY Jets at Miami Detroit at Minnesota Philadelphia at NY Giants Pittsburgh at Baltimore Carolina at Los Angeles New Orleans at San Francisco Indianapolis at Green Bay Tennessee at San Diego Denver at Oakland Buffalo at Seattle
  10. Jacksonville at Tennessee Washington vs Cincinnati Green Bay at Atlanta New England at Buffalo NY Jets at Cleveland Kansas City at Indianapolis Seattle at New Orleans Oakland at Tampa Bay Detroit at Houston San Diego at Denver Arizona at Carolina Philadelphia at Dallas Minnesota at Chicago
  11. Week 7 picks: Chicago @ Green Bay NY Giants@ Los Angeles Buffalo @ Miami Oakland @ Jacksonville New Orleans @ Kansas City Indianapolis @ Tennessee San Diego @ Atlanta Baltimore @ NY Jets Minnesota @ Philadelphia Cleveland @ Cincinnati Washington @ Detroit Tampa Bay @ San Francisco New England @ Pittsburgh Seattle @ Arizona Houston @ Denver
  12. Week 5 Picks: Arizona @ San Francisco NY Jets @ Pittsburgh Houston @ Minnesota New England @ Cleveland Chicago @ Indianapolis Buffalo @ Los Angeles San Diego @ Oakland Washington @ Baltimore Tennessee @ Miami Philadelphia @ Detroit Atlanta @ Denver Cincinnati @ Dallas NY Giants @ Green Bay Tampa Bay @ Carolina
  13. Week 4 picks: Miami @ Cincinnati Indianapolis @ Jacksonville Buffalo @ New England Tennessee @ Houston Detroit @ Chicago Carolina @ Atlanta Seattle @ NY Jets Oakland @ Baltimore Cleveland @ Washington Denver @ Tampa Bay Los Angeles @ Arizona Dallas @ San Francisco New Orleans @ San Diego Kansas City @ Pittsburgh New York Giants @ Minnesota
  14. Week 3 picks: Houston @ New England x Arizona @ Buffalo Oakland @ Tennessee Cleveland @ Miami Baltimore @ Jacksonville Detroit @ Green Bay Denver @ Cincinnati Minnesota @ Carolina Washington @ NY Giants Los Angeles @ Tampa Bay San Francisco @ Seattle NY Jets @ Kansas City San Diego @ Indianapolis Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia Chicago @ Dallas Atlanta @ New Orleans
  15. Houston. I'll enter the remaining games later. Thanks Blue Eyed Merle.
  16. Week 2 Picks NY Jets @ Buffalo New Orleans @ NY Giants Tennessee @ Detroit Dallas @ Washington Kansas City @ Houston Miami @ New England Baltimore @ Cleveland San Francisco @ Camolina Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh Tampa Bay @ Arizona Seattle @ Los Angeles Atlanta @ Oakland Jacksonville @ San Diego Indianapolis @ Denver Green Bay @ Minnesota Philadelphia @ Chicago
  17. It's (she's) alive! Week 1 Picks Camolina @ Denver X Minnesota @ Tennesee Chicago @ Houston Cleveland @ Philadelphia Buffalo @ Baltimore San Diego @ Kansas City Oakland @ New Orleans Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Cincinnati @ New York Jets Green Bay @ Jacksonville Miami @ Seattle New York Giants @ Dallas Detroit @ Indianapolis New England @ Arizona Pittsburgh @ Washington Los Angeles @ San Francisco
  18. Saw The Big Short last night. Loved it, GREAT cast, and I learned quite a bit about the 2008 economic crash. Because I'm often running late (stuck at office) to catch a movie, I miss a lot trailers. I had no idea that this movie includes a Zeppelin song in the soundtrack. I won't spoil when/what song in case I'm not the only one in the dark.
  19. Fabulous photos Patrycja. "A picture says 1000 words", but those say one thing to me - Fall. Here are some wintry ones I took yesterday at Mount Eisenhower, NH:
  20. Another Tool fan here. Great photos TypeO and SW.
  21. On Veterans, Remembrance and Armistice Day, a thank you to all servicemen and women.
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