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  1. Week 17

    Baltimore at Cincinnati 

    Houston at Tennessee 

    Jacksonville at Indianapolis 

    New England at Miami 

    Chicago at Minnesota  

    Buffalo at NY Jets 

    Dallas at Philadelphia  

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh 

    Carolina at Tampa Bay 

    NY Giants at Washington 

    New Orleans at Atlanta  

    Oakland at Denver 

    Arizona at Los Angeles

    Kansas City at San Diego 

    Seattle at San Francisco 

    Green Bay at Detroit 


    Happy New Year guys and Ms. EBK!  Thanks Strider for doing the work, it is appreciated and adds some fun to the football season.

  2. Week 16 picks:

    NY Giants at Philadelphia X
    Miami at Buffalo
    Washington at Chicago
    San Diego at Cleveland
    Minnesota at Green Bay
    NY Jets at New England
    Tampa Bay at New Orleans
    Atlanta at Carolina
    Tennessee at Jacksonville
    Indianapolis at Oakland
    San Francisco at Los Angeles
    Arizona at Seattle
    Cincinnati at Houston
    Baltimore at Pittsburgh
    Denver at Kansas City
    Detroit at Dallas

  3. Week 15 picks

    Los Angeles at Seattle
    Miami at NY Jets
    Cleveland at Buffalo
    Green Bay at Chicago
    Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
    Tennessee at Kansas City
    Indianapolis at Minnesota
    Detroit at NY Giants
    Philadelphia at Baltimore
    Jacksonville at Houston
    San Francisco at Atlanta
    New Orleans at Arizona
    New England at Denver
    Oakland at San Diego
    Tampa Bay at Dallas
    Carolina at Washington


  4. Week 14 picks
    Oakland at Kansas City  x
    Pittsburgh at Buffalo
    Cincinnati at Cleveland
    Chicago at Detroit
    Denver at Tennessee
    Houston at Indianapolis
    Arizona at Miami
    Washington at Philadelphia
    New Orleans at Tampa Bay
    San Diego at Carolina
    Minnesota at Jacksonville
    NY Jets at San Francisco
    Seattle at Green Bay
    Atlanta at Los Angeles
    Dallas at NY Giants
    Baltimore at New England

  5. Week 13 picks



    Dallas at Minnesota  

    Kansas City at Atlanta 

    San Francisco at Chicago 

    Philadelphia at Cincinnati

    Houston at Green Bay 

    Los Angeles at New England 

    Detroit at New Orleans 

    Denver at Jacksonville

    Miami at Baltimore 

    Buffalo at Oakland 

    Washington at Arizona   

    NY Giants at Pittsburgh 

    Tampa Bay at San Diego 

    Carolina at Seattle 

    Indianapolis at NY Jets

  6. Week 12 picks:
    Minnesota at Detroit
    Washington at Dallas
    Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
    Arizona at Atlanta
    Jacksonville at Buffalo
    Tennessee at Chicago
    NY Giants at Cleveland
    San Francisco at Miami
    Los Angeles at New Orleans
    Cincinnati at Baltimore
    San Diego at Houston
    Seattle at Tampa Bay
    New England at NY Jets
    Carolina at Oakland

    Kansas City at Denver

    Green Bay at Philadelphia

  7. Week 11 picks
    New Orleans at Carolina
    Buffalo at Cincinnati
    Pittsburgh at Cleveland
    Baltimore at Dallas
    Jacksonville at Detroit
    Tennessee at Indianapolis
    Tampa Bay at Kansas City
    Arizona at Minnesota
    Chicago at NY Giants
    Miami at Los Angeles
    New England at San Francisco
    Philadelphia at Seattle
    Green Bay at Washington
    Houston vs Oakland

  8. Cleveland at Baltimore
    Green Bay at Tennessee
    Denver at New Orleans
    Los Angeles at NY Jets
    Atlanta at Philadelphia
    Chicago at Tampa Bay
    Minnesota at Washington
    Kansas City at Carolina
    Houston at Jacksonville
    Miami at San Diego
    San Francisco at Arizona
    Dallas at Pittsburgh
    Seattle at New England
    Cincinnati at NY Giants

  9. Week 9 picks:

    Atlanta at Tampa Bay
    Dallas at Cleveland
    Jacksonville at Kansas City
    NY Jets at Miami
    Detroit at Minnesota
    Philadelphia at NY Giants
    Pittsburgh at Baltimore
    Carolina at Los Angeles
    New Orleans at San Francisco
    Indianapolis at Green Bay
    Tennessee at San Diego
    Denver at Oakland
    Buffalo at Seattle

  10. Jacksonville at Tennessee
    Washington vs Cincinnati
    Green Bay at Atlanta
    New England at Buffalo
    NY Jets at Cleveland
    Kansas City at Indianapolis
    Seattle at New Orleans
    Oakland at Tampa Bay
    Detroit at Houston
    San Diego at Denver
    Arizona at Carolina
    Philadelphia at Dallas
    Minnesota at Chicago

  11. Week 7 picks:

    Chicago @ Green Bay

    NY Giants@ Los Angeles

    Buffalo @ Miami

    Oakland @ Jacksonville

    New Orleans @ Kansas City

    Indianapolis @ Tennessee

    San Diego @ Atlanta

    Baltimore @ NY Jets

    Minnesota @ Philadelphia

    Cleveland @ Cincinnati

    Washington @ Detroit

    Tampa Bay @ San Francisco

    New England @ Pittsburgh

    Seattle @ Arizona

    Houston @ Denver

  12. Week 5 Picks:

    Arizona @ San Francisco

    NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

    Houston @ Minnesota 

    New England @ Cleveland

    Chicago @ Indianapolis

    Buffalo @ Los Angeles

    San Diego @ Oakland

    Washington @ Baltimore

    Tennessee @ Miami

    Philadelphia @ Detroit

    Atlanta @ Denver

    Cincinnati @ Dallas

    NY Giants @ Green Bay

    Tampa Bay @ Carolina

  13. Week 4 picks:

    Miami @ Cincinnati

    Indianapolis @ Jacksonville

    Buffalo @ New England

    Tennessee @ Houston

    Detroit @ Chicago

    Carolina @ Atlanta

    Seattle @ NY Jets

    Oakland @ Baltimore

    Cleveland @ Washington

    Denver @ Tampa Bay

    Los Angeles @ Arizona 

    Dallas @ San Francisco

    New Orleans @ San Diego

    Kansas City @ Pittsburgh

    New York Giants @ Minnesota

  14. Week 3 picks:

    Houston @ New England  x

    Arizona @ Buffalo

    Oakland @ Tennessee

    Cleveland @ Miami 

    Baltimore @ Jacksonville 

    Detroit @ Green Bay

    Denver @ Cincinnati 

    Minnesota @ Carolina 

    Washington @ NY Giants

    Los Angeles @ Tampa Bay

    San Francisco @ Seattle 

    NY Jets @ Kansas City

    San Diego @ Indianapolis

    Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia

    Chicago @ Dallas

    Atlanta @ New Orleans

  15. Week 2 Picks

    NY Jets @ Buffalo

    New Orleans @ NY Giants

    Tennessee @ Detroit 

    Dallas @ Washington

    Kansas City @ Houston

    Miami @ New England

    Baltimore @ Cleveland

    San Francisco @ Camolina 

    Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

    Tampa Bay @ Arizona 

    Seattle @ Los Angeles

    Atlanta @ Oakland 

    Jacksonville @ San Diego

    Indianapolis @ Denver

    Green Bay @ Minnesota

     Philadelphia @ Chicago 

  16. It's (she's) alive!

    Week 1 Picks

    Camolina @ Denver    X

    Minnesota @ Tennesee

    Chicago @ Houston

    Cleveland @ Philadelphia 

    Buffalo @ Baltimore

    San Diego @ Kansas City

    Oakland @ New Orleans

    Tampa Bay @ Atlanta 

    Cincinnati @ New York Jets

    Green Bay @ Jacksonville

    Miami @ Seattle

    New York Giants @ Dallas

    Detroit @ Indianapolis

    New England @ Arizona

    Pittsburgh @ Washington

    Los Angeles @ San Francisco

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