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  1. Oh what a beat down! About three hours ago I said I thought Peyton was going to have a great game.
  2. Sorry to clog the thread, but I haven't seen Ms. ebk in a while. My heart and coin wanted Seattle (except I hope Welker has a good game), but my initial instinct was Denver, so that's what I went with for my prediction.
  3. Hi!!!! Sea looking cool, calm and strong so far. I think John Fox and Peyton could be father and son (looks wise). A commercial with a llama in an elevator had such promise....
  4. I had two BA CDs in my hands at the record store yesterday, didn't end up buying either, couldn't decide. Plans are forming to see BA in a few weeks. Once again, you've found show information I may not have seen - thanks for posting Strider!
  5. luvlz2, Thanks for posting the link to the Gary Numan record - some good songs on it. It prompted me to go on a search for a tour, sure enough....he'll be in my area in March.
  6. Certainly did, thanks. As with the shows I've heard (have tons more that I've yet to hear), I cannot really hear Jimmy singing backup. In this video it looks like he's singing at the top of his lungs, but I think he's faking ;-)
  7. My favorite part of the helmet is the Ryan "matryoshka" family. Coach has to play the hot goalie. Olympic hockey is great to watch, particularly the medal games.
  8. If a someone were to upload a private link to the film, I'd be interested in viewing it. :-)
  9. I hear it will be chilly, not freezing, possibly a little rain. I'm leaning toward Denver, but will wait a few more days.
  10. Thanks Pagemeister, not sure I've seen this video before. the chase
  11. Strider - you are just..... Thank you. Thanks Walter. Hope the new year has continued to treat you and your family well. Thanks paul c! I like that emoticon.
  12. Yes, things have changed quite a bit since the 70s...even since the 90s. The most amazing to me is the speed of technological advances. Although it is a bit tired, and the music overused (especially in things like figure skating programs), I still love the Andrew Lloyd Webber "Phantom" theater productions. The old movie is indeed riveting. Last night I saw "Prisoners". I thought Jackman was a little over the top in his performance, but Dano, Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis were terrific. Upsetting themes and certain scenes that might be difficult for some to watch. I thought it was good and may watch it again to see if I missed some clues along the way. I'll be watching for your thoughts about "Hustle" and "Wolf" if you get to see them. Cheers.
  13. Virginia, I saw Llewyn Davis recently too and want to see it again. Other movies I've seen at the cinema lately, maybe I'll mention DVD rental standouts another time. The Great Beauty - was not as good as the reviews for me, but a nice movie. The Wolf of Wall Street. Ridiculous, hilarious at times. Some have protested this movie as "glorifying" the protagonists and their lifestyle, I didn't see it that way. I was disgusted by them frankly. Her - liked it more than I thought I would. Sometimes creepy, but thought provoking. Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious - hadn't seen it in ages. Excellent with the beautiful Bergman and charming Grant. Blue Jasmine - little bit of a twist at the end. Blanchett and Hawkins deserve their nominations in my opinion.
  14. Sorry, been away for a week - a late congratulations to any Denver and Seattle fans on the forum. Wish NFL would just move the game or completely do away with the ProBowl.
  15. Believe it or not, we've been hearing it often for the last two seasons - but that may be related to the big trade a few years ago between LA and Boston and the Magic Johnson connection. I hear the "spending like drunk sailors" term a lot. That said, of course the "NYY buying championships" card is still thrown.
  16. I watch all of it too, I just love it. My favorite is figure skating, but I even enjoy the biathlon. I think my favorite of the newer events is short track speed skating. USA's J.R. Celski will try to follow in Ohno's footsteps (or is it skates trokes ;-) ? I got hooked on curling after seeing it live. Scoring is explained in this article, step 2: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Olympics/Olympics-blog/2010/0221/From-curling-with-love-scoring-explained-in-seven-easy-steps
  17. Congratulations to your son - and to you as well. I'm sure you must be proud!
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AomWdsD_MSE Midnight Rambler, recorded October 17, 1973. Mick Taylor turns 65 today.
  19. I opened the Rolling Stones thread to make a comment about Mick Taylor's 65th birthday today and found the post by SteveAJones. Your post prompted some google searching about the film. I've heard mention of it here and there over the years, but didn't know much of its history. A story I came across mentioned that the documentary was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in 2012 with the band's permission. I wonder if the Stones will unblock a release....I feel similar to the author of Steve's link. I probably would have been crushed if I'd seen this film at the age of 15, but now I'm very interested in seeing it. Thank you for posting this.
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