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  1. Re: February 13, 1973 show. Some opinions: Robert's voice is rough in quite a few spots. The band's playing on In My Time of Dying and The Rain Song is excellent. I like the extended "San Francisco" piece in Dazed and Confused.
  2. BUK - this band I did see last year and will again next month. Yeah, it's a tribute band, but not an expensive ticket and fun!
  3. Happy Birthday Led Zep Girl!
  4. Hi jabe, Thanks for posting this. There was something similar to this in my area last year but plans to go did not come to fruition. Sounds like the jabes had a great night.
  5. Pitchers and catchers in one month. Yahoooooooo.
  6. I don't see one yet, I'll start one up.
  7. Mr. Bundchen? What else can you call New England? The "non-favorites"? (I know they are your "least favorite") :-)
  8. Rough weekend for punters. Jim Nance must have heard me ;-)
  9. Oh how I miss Wes. I would like to see SD win because the Patriots would get to play in Foxboro against a weaker opponent...but how did that work out for them last year?
  10. jb126

    2013 NFL Thread

    I cannot participate in this particular conversation of "best ever" because I would only be going by stats and hearsay, I haven't been following NFL for that many years. I think it's difficult to make these lists because the game has changed so much. Size, speed, equipment, PEDs, salaries, league and game rules...I could go on and on. Hard to compare players from different eras.
  11. jb126

    2013 NFL Thread

    Even the New England "homers" on sports shows vote Montana above both Manning and Brady (imagine?). I hope both QBs have several more years of quality playing to make the conversation even more interesting than it already is.
  12. Good, I never liked that Cleveland logo. I like most of the plain, traditional sports logos. Any thoughts on the Le Betard HoF voting saga? http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/01/09/3861039/dan-le-batard-banned-from-future.html I agree with someone I heard (can't remember who) saying that this stunt pulled the focus away from the players who were voted in.
  13. I can hook you up. That ended up being a good game!
  14. Speaking of Boston Garden - Paul, can we have a thread for predictions for the US Figure Skating Championships/Olympic trials being held there next weekend? Kidding!!
  15. A little more excitement. As paul c said, it would have been difficult for today's games to live up to the excitement of yesterday's.
  16. Joining in, catching up. What a mess Cincinnati was. Poor Bengals. Looks wicked cold in Green Bay, crowd is into it. I too think it will be a low scorer.
  17. Pottedplant, hope the Saints/Eagles game is this exciting, but you may need to sit on your hands to save your nails. :-)
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