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  1. How dare it? Hopefully it was good living that got in the way. Hard to believe there's only one week left. Thanks DAS, paul and Strider for coordinating - great fun.
  2. Vick who? Sorry about your Dolphins paul c, but at least they are not out of it yet. P. Manning has new record and will add another regular season MVP to his resume - and what a resume it is. Who knows what is in a man's heart, but I'd venture a guess that he'd trade some of those MVPs for another Super Bowl win.
  3. Week 16 picks: Miami at Buffalo Minnesota at Cincinnati Indianapolis at Kansas City Tampa Bay at St. Louis Cleveland at NY Jets Dallas at Washington New Orleans at Carolina Tennessee at Jacksonville Denver at Houston NY Giants at Detroit Arizona at Seattle Pittsburgh at Green Bay Oakland at San Diego New England at Baltimore :-( Chicago at Philadelphia Atlanta at San Francisco Welcome back Walter.
  4. :-) :-) Several members made some pre-season "big picture" picks, then some were making picks throughout the playoffs. Someone will make a new baseball thread before next season begins. Pitchers and catchers report in two months!
  5. Yes, and for me, sometimes I can't understand half of what he's saying in a video interview...this was great reading.
  6. Thanks for posting the link Ross62. The "blue" photo of Keith is great. I enjoyed reading his description of how he "strikes" his guitar strings.
  7. Week 15 picks: San Diego at Denver Washington at Atlanta Chicago at Cleveland Houston at Indianapolis New England at Miami Philadelphia at Minnesota Seattle at NY Giants San Francisco at Tampa Bay Buffalo at Jacksonville Kansas City at Oakland NY Jets at Carolina Green Bay at Dallas Arizona at Tennessee New Orleans at St. Louis Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Baltimore at Detroit
  8. "Thor 2" - The first Marvel Comics film I've gone to the theater to watch. I wanted to see a movie, there weren't many choices. It was entertaining, fun. I wish Tom Hiddleston had more minutes. "Out of the Furnace" - "Release" is one of my favorite Pearl Jam tunes that I hadn't listened to in ages. As soon as I was in my car, into the CD player "Ten" went. "Furnace" included some very powerful performances, but I found myself wishing for more character development. To add to Strider's notes above, I would include some themes from "The Deer Hunter" into the mix. "Blue is the Wa
  9. As Anjin-san said above, definitely not planned. If memory serves, it's a new, albeit disturbing, trend. My guess would be that it is a combination of things, mental and physical...obviously some of the defense's key players are out for the season, but also, one must question the offensive coordinator's role. Brady is getting older, perhaps he needs a few quarters to warm up ;-)
  10. http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/12/09/roy-halladay-is-retiring/ Halladay will retire as a Blue Jay, he'll be missed. Needless to say, he was a force when he was active with Toronto, always a "must watch" pitcher.
  11. Week 14 picks: Houston at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Cincinnati Atlanta at Green Bay Cleveland at New England Oakland at NY Jets Detroit at Philadelphia Miami at Pittsburgh Buffalo at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Washington Minnesota at Baltimore Tennessee at Denver St. Louis at Arizona NY Giants at San Diego Seattle at San Francisco Carolina at New Orleans Dallas at Chicago Where has Lady Gaga's biggest fan been?
  12. Bears are kicking me too. Grrrowwwl.
  13. Hope you and family don't need to drive tonight.
  14. Yes, I think I'm looking forward to seeing her as much as QOTSA. I even like her look. A friend who knows a bit about The Kills gives a thumbs up (his taste in music is good in my opinion).
  15. Develin (NE), persistence paid off. Edit to spell "Develin" properly.
  16. A 0-0 tie would have been interesting, but it is not to be. An ugly one for me so far.
  17. Not for long paul c.
  18. December 13 - Queens of the Stone Age with The Kills
  19. Was busy watching Boston College get beat by Syracuse in the last seconds of their game while the top tier game was played. I saw the highlights on SportsCenter this morning. Wow! One of the things I love about sports - anything is possible.
  20. Week 13 picks: Green Bay at Detroit Oakland at Dallas Pittsburgh at Baltimore Jacksonville at Cleveland Tennessee at Indianapolis Chicago at Minnesota Miami at NY Jets Arizona at Philadelphia Tampa Bay at Carolina New England at Houston Atlanta at Buffalo St. Louis at San Francisco Denver at Kansas City Cincinnati at San Diego NY Giants at Washington New Orleans at Seattle
  21. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels everyone! Nice to see some of you who haven't been around much. Cheers!
  22. Nearly had two ties yesterday. I was wondering how often there have been two ties in the same day. :-) Also, nice meme in post # 1136.
  23. Week 12 picks: New Orleans at Atlanta Pittsburgh at Cleveland Tampa Bay at Detroit Minnesota at Green Bay San Diego at Kansas City Chicago at St. Louis Carolina at Miami NY Jets at Baltimore Jacksonville at Houston Tennessee at Oakland Indianapolis at Arizona Dallas at NY Giants Denver at New England San Francisco at Washington
  24. Hope so Mr. Carruthers. Seeing how accurate my picks are this season, that sounds about right.
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