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  1. Week 11 picks in red: Indianapolis at Tennessee NY Jets at Buffalo Baltimore at Chicago Cleveland at Cincinnati Washington at Philadelphia Detroit at Pittsburgh Atlanta at Tampa Bay Arizona at Jacksonville Oakland at Houston San Diego at Miami San Francisco at New Orleans Green Bay at NY Giants Minnesota at Seattle Kansas City at Denver New England at Carolina Thanks to jabe I now find myself referring to the Panthers as "Camolina".
  2. ebk - The subject of your avatar could go into this thread :-).
  3. A grand total of three sentences was spent on the robbery in New York. Of the handful of Zeppelin related books I've read, this was not my favorite, but not least favorite. Not much new Zeppelin info, but I learned quite a bit about Alice Cooper and The Who.
  4. Two weeks ago I saw "Captain Phillips", I thought it was excellent. Very tense. Tom Hanks and the lesser known actors give fantastic performances. This weekend I saw "About Time", a time travel/romance film starring Rachel McAdadms, Domhnall Gleeson (very good) and the always excellent Bill Nighy. It was a nice movie, I didn't feel that I wasted my time.
  5. With respect and gratitude - thank you veterans.
  6. The local classic rock station's daily Get the Led Out features three Zeppelin songs. The final one is based on an online listener vote. Yesterday was the first time the DJ could recall "Hot Dog" winning. It's not just for Texans ;-)
  7. Thanks everyone. Any idea what piece the musicians are playing in Deborah J's link? The beginning sounds like Joaquin Rodrigo. Gorgeous!
  8. Sorry for taking so long to answer this, and I still cannot answer the first question, but the answer to the second one is yes indeed. I'm having a difficult time getting through the book, not because it's not a good read (it is). I'll give a more detailed response when I've finished. Cheers.
  9. Week 10 picks in red: Washington at Minnesota Seattle at Atlanta Detroit at Chicago Philadelphia at Green Bay Jacksonville at Tennessee St. Louis at Indianapolis Oakland at NY Giants Buffalo at Pittsburgh Cincinnati at Baltimore Carolina at San Francisco Houston at Arizona Denver at San Diego Dallas at New Orleans Miami at Tampa Bay
  10. My favorite team is the :bagoverhead: - double bagger. Going to be a long season (or several) for Celtics fans.
  11. One of my many (embarrassing) superstitions has prevented me from posting in this thread, but I've been following it. Lot of lovely, classy people here. Must be the combination of being a Zeppelin/baseball fan. Cheers!
  12. Belated Happy Birthday to you Walter and an early wish to Mrs. Walter. Sounds like it was great. Enjoy your feast.
  13. Week 9 picks in red: Cincinnati at Miami Kansas City at Buffalo Minnesota at Dallas Tennessee at St. Louis New Orleans at NY Jets San Diego at Washington Atlanta at Carolina Philadelphia at Oakland Tampa Bay at Seattle Baltimore at Cleveland Pittsburgh at New England Indianapolis at Houston Chicago at Green Bay
  14. I am reading this now. A quick read, most of the Zeppelin information is a rehash, but certainly not everything is (for me). The Who and Alice Cooper bits are interesting too. The Stones and Beatles have been mentioned several times as well.
  15. Week 8 picks in red: Carolina at Tampa Bay Dallas at Detroit Cleveland at Kansas City Miami at New England Buffalo at New Orleans NY Giants at Philadelphia San Francisco at Jacksonville NY Jets at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Oakland Washington at Denver Atlanta at Arizona Green Bay at Minnesota Seattle at St. Louis
  16. Happy Birthday Virginia and Rock Historian. Cheers!
  17. "I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford)" Elton John
  18. Love this forum. Another Elton fan chiming in. Was fortunate to see Elton is his prime a few times in the 70s and 80s. Although I was thrilled to hear the most popular songs played live, I think my favorite concert was in 1994 when he performed some obscure personal favorites. Sagittarius Rising and Slave to Zep, I love "Bullet" too! Going to give it a listen this afternoon. Elton's tour is making its way to a venue near my home. I was going to pass on it. Now I'm having second thoughts after reading the posts in this thread. I was having similar thoughts about seeing the Stones this summer. After reading reviews in this forum I changed my mind, went to a show, and I am so glad I did.
  19. Same here, Walter, same here. Welcome to the NFL predictions fun thread (sometimes not that much fun ) pottedplant!
  20. Week 7 picks in red: Seattle at Arizona Tampa Bay at Atlanta Cincinnati at Detroit Buffalo at Miami New England at NY Jets Dallas at Philadelphia Chicago at Washington St. Louis at Carolina San Diego at Jacksonville San Francisco at Tennessee Baltimore at Pittsburgh Cleveland at Green Bay Houston at Kansas City Denver at Indianapolis Minnesota at NY Giants
  21. Thanks jabe, good one. Love this one too. (Off topic, I love 1970s fashion, hairstyles, cars).
  22. I just saw it for the second time this week. Needless to say, I enjoyed the "Gravity" experience and agree with what you said about the Blue-Eyed Merle. At least you gave it a try. I don't recall even hearing about this one.
  23. Week 6 picks in red: NY Giants at Chicago Cincinnati at Buffalo Detroit at Cleveland Oakland at Kansas City Carolina at Minnesota Pittsburgh at NY Jets Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Green Bay at Baltimore St. Louis at Houston Jacksonville at Denver Tennessee at Seattle Arizona at San Francisco New Orleans at New England Washington at Dallas Indianapolis at San Diego Clouds in the crystal ball lately.
  24. Happy Birthday to wishes to all the October-born forum members, and may you have many more years of heart stopping fun.
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