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  1. I agree. When I saw JBLZE last fall, Jason told the audience that "as long as people want to listen to this music, I'll be playing it".
  2. That is refreshing. These days it seems if there's not a win or a gold medal, it's a failure.
  3. Very sweet. Agree - on both of the above points (I think I would still enjoy their fries).
  4. A new member started a thread about The Black Keys, and it was mentioned there's already a thread, so I figured I'd bump this up with my comment that I just purchased my first Black Keys CD this week. Good band.
  5. Sorry I missed you the chase. Happy Belated and stay warm up there.
  6. Love "Billy Elliot". Surprised you did not mention the soundtrack - did you not care for it? The final scene is gorgeous. I'll admit to turning on the subtitles for a few viewings. Although they are speaking English, my American ears had a rough time with some of the dialogue. But I've done the same for some American actors.
  7. In case I don't make it onto the forum tomorrow (12th), Happy Birthday Ally!
  8. Hoffman is great, isn't he? Recently had an exchange with a friend about favorite books and movies. I believe that both "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "In Cold Blood" made it to each of our books and movies lists. If you enjoy the books, try to watch the films as well if you haven't seen them yet. "Capote" was excellent too. Without going into too much detail, I had a hard time getting the "heads in gauze" scene out of my head. If I watch that movie again, I think I'll skip that scene.
  9. Thanks The Rover! I think I might be interested in this. Have never seen Heart live. Saw JBLZE in November and had a great time. Usually make a trip out to Dallas in the summer, maybe I can tie this in.
  10. Saw "Zero Dark Thirty" at last, obviously there is quite a bit of truth-based violence, so it may not be for everyone. After a busy winter, I need to get out to see "Argo" before it leaves the cinemas. I think I've already missed "Django Unchained". A funny aside. I often play close attention to how non-American actors articulate an American accent, and vice-versa. Jennifer Ehele who had a part in "Zero" is my favorite Elizabeth Bennet ("Pride and Prejudice"). I always thought she was British. I was thinking to myself that her American accent was not very good. She's American. Edit to add: A silly but entertaining movie I recently saw on TV "Love Actually". Loved the aging rock star and the relationship with his manager, and of course the Colin Firth restaurant scene. I was in tears during the closing momnets when the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" was playing while footage of real people greeting at an airport (Heathrow?) was shown.
  11. "Hot Fun in the Summertime" - Sly and the Family Stone
  12. jb126

    Moby Dick

    Related to this topic - sometimes I don't make it through the bow sections of some versions of "Dazed and Confused". I was not fortunate enough to have seen Led Zeppelin live, but can't imagine leaving any of their shows for a second.
  13. Damn, I could spent some serious time browsing there. Been slowly rebuilding my CD collection, new and replacements. What did you get? Are the prices based on the condition, popularity, etc.?
  14. For years, we baseball fans have been hearing "NYY are an old team". I wonder if this is the year that it catches up to them? That said, I agree paul c, you can never count them out.
  15. Excellent! I look forward to hearing your review.
  16. Both. Some sports lefty, but I write and use utensils righty.
  17. jb126

    Reality Shows

    Of course they are not truly "reality" - lots of acting, fake drama and creative editing, but I like a few of the cooking competitions and Project Runway. I neither cook nor sew particularly well, and some of these people's talents are amazing to me.
  18. ebk - Hope you'll have time to check in and tell us about some of the games, weather, food, and wine of course! planted - Congratulations on all of your recent happy news. To all of you who are having your aches and pains resolved - yay!
  19. On a page or a thread that has multiple pages you will see the number of pages in the left hand corner, e.g. Page 1 of 60. Click that link. A "Jump to page" box will open up. Type the page number, click "Go". edit: publicenemy3 types faster than I do
  20. That is a great story. Need more stories like this. A stranger and his wife went above and beyond to do something nice for me a few years back. I tried to give them some cash for their kindness, they wouldn't have any of it. The man asked me to do something nice for someone else as payment. I'll never forget it.
  21. Strange lunch: Seaweed salad, raw almonds and ice water spiked with a little pink lemonade.
  22. Keep meaning to see "Searching For Sugar Man", this reminds me, thanks.
  23. There is a "drawings" thread under the Photos forum where you might want to put this as well. Lots of amazing Zeppelin art, some done by current and former members. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/383-zeppelin-drawings/
  24. Isn't it fun sharing something you love (like music) with friends and/or relatives? Indeed! And still is!
  25. Happy Birthday Nutrocker and April Lynn, enjoy your day!
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