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  1. Hear, hear. We've turned the corner, tomorrow is March!
  2. jb126

    Dentist Today

    How did it go redrum? Hopefully you have a good insurance plan if you need to have extensive work done. My plan is not great, I've been hurt in the wallet as well, but it's better than no coverage.
  3. That's fun. Do you chose a certain day for the non-leap years as your day? The Groundhog did not get his own party either.
  4. Don't know if you are quoting someone else or if this is a Strider original, but how profound it is.
  5. 2011 "Jane Eyre". My favorite is the 2006 version with Toby Stephens (son of Dame Maggie Smith), but this one has its merits.
  6. jb126

    Hi from Italy

    Hi Silbe. I have been fortunate to visit Turin a few times. Welcome!
  7. First time I've visited this thread, nice topic and discussion. Good question Walter about that photo and now you have me curious about it, I don't think it's Fenway for a few reasons, but your question has me wanting to do a little research. Perhaps another thread is in order so as not to derail this one.
  8. It's understandable. I'm trying to be optimistic on this subject. Until Jimmy formally retires or makes an announcement that there's nothing new coming, I'll try to remain hopeful.
  9. I have to disagree with this statement ZEPFAN17. Current and recent NYY homegrown players: Jeter, Mariano, Cano, Chamberlain (ugh), Hughes, Petitte. Recent past, Posada and Bernie (I think). I'm probably missing a bunch. So excited that NESN and CSNE (Boston stations) have started their various baseball shows. Still mulling over lifting my Red Sox ticket purchase boycott.
  10. Ten years ago today a fire broke out in a crowded nightclub in Rhode Island, USA. One hundred people died, over 200 were injured. Pyrotechnics, flammable acoustic foam, lack of sprinkler system, and attendance number exceeding capacity contributed to the tragedy. All of these years later I can still see images from video caught at the scene in my mind's eye. I'd like to mention the positive changes that have been instituted in RI and MA (at the very least) in recent years. At the end of this post I've put a link to an article with some of the details. What I have personally observed recently: A uniformed fireman at a nightclub show (a policy for all shows at this venue). The venue's website has an ample page discussing safety rules for the customer's peace of mind. At a theatre prior to the start of the show, a member of the venue's staff came to the stage to discuss safety. As part of his talk, he pointed out the four exits and asked everyone in the audience to make a mental note of the closest exit to their seat. Unfortunately it took a tragedy to change laws and practices, but I wanted to reflect on the positives today. http://www.masslive...._islands_s.html
  11. Saw "MARWENCOL" yesterday. Thank you for the recommendation. I think it was a good decision by the writer to slowly reveal what triggered the attack on the subject. I will be doing some searches to see if there are any updates on him.
  12. The Lakers are a team I love to hate but have the utmost respect for. I am sure hearts are heavy around the league....hell, around the sports world.
  13. Have read wonderful reviews about "Amour", still undecided about seeing it because of the subject matter. Saw "Side Effects" yesterday. It was good, not excellent. Good cast and some strong performances. Catherine Zeta-Jones as gorgeous as ever. Pieces of the plot have been done many times before and done better in my opinion.
  14. Nice. I like the color. Enjoy your rides!
  15. So a good news/bad news situation. Good luck, keep up posted.
  16. jb126


    ebk, that is very interesting what you experienced with "Cinderella", now my interest is piqued. I'll be going off to read some reviews. Last night I saw something a little more dark - an adaptation of "Crime and Punishment". The cast totalled three people, two playing different roles. The actor who played Porfiry and some other minor characters is Dan Butler of "Frasier" and "Silence of the Lambs". I enjoyed it, but I don't think everyone did.
  17. When I'm done updating what I'd like to in the forum, I'm going to start in on Seaweed Salad, some Brown Rice California Rolls and top it off with some chocolate that has been making my mouth water in anticipation since I received it.
  18. I received a wonderful old-fashioned handwritten letter in the mail from a friend. The first reading made me happy, and the second, third, fourth.......
  19. Good luck with it! I can't imagine how much research must be done to write such a history. I'll definitely sign up for your updates. jb
  20. The crab cakes Black Dawg posted look so good. Strider, you are a wise man.
  21. What is the story behind the Heat's all-white wear today?
  22. Hope you get a glimpse of your baby - will you be tuning in to the show on CBS?
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