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  1. I enjoyed that version of "The Count of Monte Cristo", what an excellent cast. Also liked the the 1975 version starring Richard Chamberlain. As you probably know, the novel played part in an amusing scene in "Shawshank". Same here, usually.
  2. Yes, there are. Not nearly as much as discussions about Jimmy and Robert, but there are some.
  3. In honor of the blizzard conditions outdoors, songs that have snowy lyrics: I listened to "Immigrant Song" from "How the West Was Won" while walking my dog. And now "No Quarter" 4/28/1977.
  4. Before my power goes out for good, wanted to wish everyone in Nemo's path well (planted, Anjin-san, SuperDave, The Chase, and anyone I've missed).
  5. Happy Birthday to forum members and relatives.
  6. ebk - what is this all about? I am just kidding of course. It's all we've been hearing about for the last few days. I stop at a market after the gym most weekdays, and I'm there early enough that there are maybe a handful of customers and one or two cashiers working. This morning the market had the same number of cashiers but lines of 10+ people with overflowing carts. The madness has begun. Thanks for thinking of us!
  7. For sure. Looking forward to tonight's game. If I were a betting (wo)man, I would choose the Cs based on LAL's injuries and the homecourt factor...however, last night I told my Canadiens-loving friend that I thought the Bs would lose because of those same factors - so what do I know? Two of the stars are indeed basketball old, but Garnett seems to know how to pace himself. Some of the young players are starting to contribute more now that Rondo's out.
  8. "Happy" songs (I believe it is subjective): I second "Celebration Day", "The Ocean", "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp". I'll add "Out on the Tiles" and "Dancin' Days".
  9. redrum, that does look good. I've just added it to my Netflix watch queue so I don't forget about it. "The Shawshank Redemption" has been on AMC this week. I can't count the number of times I've seen it and have read the Stephen King novella, but it's one of those that I don't tire of.
  10. Somewhere food is missing in this calculation. I'm no expert, but from what I can gather this is true, particularly in the latter years.
  11. jb126

    The Lemon Song

    Cheers Dallas Knebs, good one.
  12. Found it! Just listened to "No Quarter" so far from 4/25/77, but I thank you for sending me on this adventure because now I have a source for some shows I have never heard....not a good recording, but it's all I have at present. Your are so right - all four are mess at times, no matter, Jimmy and JPJ's playing still sound beautiful to me. Love the "Nutcracker" piece. Oh Jonesy.....
  13. Macaroni & Cheese. Coconut sorbet for dessert.
  14. I have been following this story for a few days and will continue to do so. Can't imagine that a Royal funeral would be held? Thanks for posting this.
  15. Go on in Richard, I think some guys post photos as well as visit the threads. Every once in a while a photo will show up that I've never seen before, or one that is so gorgeous that it's worth another look. In addition, some of the comments are freakin' hilarious. There are "Hot John Baldwin" and "Hot Bonzo" threads too, but they don't get bumped up as much .
  16. I don't understand your meaning. What "stuff" did JPJ do more than the others? JPJ was off the hook for..? Thanks. Yes, "Kashmir" was a problem for him, I think his note was "remember the coda". Going to try to find this. Interesting thread Dallas Knebs!
  17. Congratulations Ms. Texas Melanie. Congrats to all Ravens fans Black Dawg, ebk, anyone else I've missed. Thanks to Mr. Carruthers and other NFL contest coordinators during the season, that was fun. Onto NBA, NHL and MLB soon (thank goodness).
  18. Almost done with Season 2 of "The Wire", just the final episode to go. I'll probably not be able to get to it until next week and wanted to post while I have time to say thanks to forum members who recommended it. I'm sure this will not be my last post about this series. My mind has been changed about a few of the characters in one way or another. True to life, everyone is flawed, albeit some have major flaws. One can guess the reason for some of the characters being the way they are (envrionment, for instance), but some of the backstories, e.g. McNulty have not yet been revealed - perhaps it never will? I don't need to talk about all of the interesting plots and little things that make me laugh or gasp (literally). To date, some of my favorites, good or bad: McNulty, Prez, Freamon, Bunk, Bubbles, D'Angelo Barksdale, Wallace, Stringer, and of course Omar (wow). The relationship between Hauk and Carver is great, they are like a couple who have been together for a long time. I did not care for Ziggy at first, but now I understand and feel for him. At first I was drawn to Stringer Bell...very intelligent and always trying to better himself. Now I'm "off" him. This is my second time trying to post this, I lost my first draft in some sort of black hole, so I'll end this now.
  19. Enjoyed reading your post Rock H. I have not been to either a Superbowl or New Orleans but would like to do both. And my final pick of this NFL season: Ravens 31 49ers 24 Have not had luck picking against the Ravens during the playoffs. Let's see how I do going with them.
  20. Thanks Deborah, I never tire of watching JPJ interviews. For a "quiet" man, he is very expressive with his face and body. Yeah, I think he's a cool one too.
  21. Did not attend. Did not attend any shows but in looking at Dave Lewis's "Led Zeppelin The Concert File" it was played on May 30, 1977, not played May 31, but there is no set list for April 25 in the book. Hope this helps.
  22. Darn, I should have held off on my little story, it was a few years back & I'm well over it. Sorry April_lynn this should have been about you. On the bright side, sounds like you are in good spirits and won't be hurt too much financially. Good luck with it and your sale.
  23. Strider, that is one mouth watering menu. May I come by too? Since you offered to answer questions, I did google it, but can you expand on "Gloop" please?
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