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  1. NY Jets at Buffalo

    New England at Miami

    Detroit at Chicago

    New Orleans at Atlanta

    Baltimore at Cincinnati

    Pittsburgh at Cleveland

    Jacksonville at Houston

    Tennessee at Indianapolis

    Philadelphia at NY Giants

    Washington at Dallas

    Oakland at Kansas City

    Tampa Bay at Carolina

    St. Louis at San Francisco

    San Diego at Denver

    Seattle at Arizona

    Minnesota at Green Bay


    Bring it on home Panther Andy, you've been the man pretty much all season, just couldn't catch ya! 


    See you all in the playoff pool.

  2. San Diego @ Oakland

    Washington @ Philadelphia   X

    San Francisco @ Detroit

    Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

    Dallas @ Buffalo          

    Chicago @ Tampa Bay

    Carolina @ Atlanta

    Indianapolis @ Miami

    New England @ NY Jets

    Houston @ Tennessee

    Cleveland @ Kansas City

    Jacksonville @ New Orleans

    Green Bay @ Arizona

    St. Louis @ Seattle

    NY Giants @ Minnesota

    Cincinnati @ Denver

  3. Saw The Big Short last night.  Loved it, GREAT cast, and I learned quite a bit about the 2008 economic crash.  Because I'm often running late (stuck at office) to catch a movie, I miss a lot trailers. I had no idea that this movie includes a Zeppelin song in the soundtrack.  I won't spoil when/what song in case I'm not the only one in the dark. ;)

  4. Week 15 picks


    Tampa Bay at St. Louis

    NY Jets at Dallas

    Chicago at Minnesota

    Atlanta at Jacksonville 

    Houston at Indianapolis

    Arizona at Philadelphia

    Carolina at NY Giants

    Tennessee at New England

    Buffalo at Washington

    Kansas City at Baltimore 

    Cleveland at Seattle

    Green Bay at Oakland

    Denver at Pittsburgh

    Miami at San Diego 

    Cincinnati at San Francisco

    Detroit at New Orleans

  5. Minnesota at Arizona

    Buffalo at Philadelphia

    San Francisco at Cleveland

    Detroit at St. Louis

    New Orleans at Tampa Bay

    Tennessee at NY Jets

    Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

    Seattle at Baltimore

    Indianapolis at Jacksonville

    San Diego at Kansas City

    Washington at Chicago

    Atlanta at Camolina

    Oakland at Denver

    Dallas at Green Bay

    New England at Houston

    NY Giants at Miami

  6. Fabulous photos Patrycja.  "A picture says 1000 words", but those say one thing to me - Fall.

    Here are some wintry ones I took yesterday at Mount Eisenhower, NH:









  7. Green Bay at Detroit

    NY Jets at NY Giants

    Arizona at St. Louis

    Atlanta at Tampa Bay

    Camolina at New Orleans

    Seattle at Minnesota

    Houston at Buffalo

    Baltimore at Miami

    Cincinnati at Cleveland

    Jacksonville at Tennessee

    San Francisco at Chicago

    Denver at San Diego

    Kansas City at Oakland

    Philadelphia at New England

    Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

    Dallas at Washington

  8. Philadelphia at Detroit 

    Carolina at Dallas           X

    Chicago at Green Bay    X

    Oakland at Tennessee

    Buffalo at Kansas City

    Tampa Bay at Indianapolis

    NY Giants at Washington

    New Orleans at Houston

    Minnesota at Atlanta

    St. Louis at Cincinnati

    San Diego at Jacksonville

    Miami at NY Jets

    Arizona at San Francisco

    Pittsburgh at Seattle

    New England at Denver

    Baltimore at Cleveland

  9. ^  Jimmy ray :lol:.

    How many years has the NFL been playing Thurs, Sun and Mon games on a regular schedule?  Three?  I think this has to be catching up to the players, hence the shite season.  Not enough time to prepare, not enough time to heal in between games.

    Random comment - I like Cam's dances.  It lets me see a football game and a good artistic dance all at once.

  10. Tennessee at Jacksonville

    Oakland at Detroit

    Indianapolis at Atlanta

    NY Jets at Houston

    Tampa Bay at Philadelphia

    Denver at Chicago

    Green Bay at Minnesota

    St. Louis at Baltimore

    Dallas at Miami

    Washington at Camolina

    Cincinnati at Arizona

    San Francisco at Seattle

    Kansas City at San Diego

    Buffalo at New England

  11. Week 10 picks:


    Buffalo at NY Jets  X!

    Detroit at Green Bay

    Dallas at Tampa Bay

    Carolina at Tennessee

    Chicago at St. Louis

    New Orleans at Washington

    Miami at Philadelphia

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh

    Jacksonville at Baltimore

    Minnesota at Oakland

    New England at NY Giants

    Kansas City at Denver

    Arizona at Seattle

    Houston at Cincinnati


  12. Week 9 picks:


    Cleveland at Cincinnati

    Green Bay at Camolina

    Washington at New England

    Tennessee at New Orleans

    Miami at Buffalo

    St. Louis at Minnesota

    Jacksonville at NY Jets

    Oakland at Pittsburgh

    NY Giants at Tampa Bay

    Atlanta at San Francisco

    Denver at Indianapolis

    Philadelphia at Dallas

    Chicago at San Diego


  13. Miami at New England

    Detroit at Kansas City

    Tampa Bay at Atlanta

    Arizona at Cleveland

    San Francisco at St. Louis

    NY Giants at New Orleans

    Minnesota at Chicago

    San Diego at Baltimore

    Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

    Tennessee at Houston

    NY Jets at Oakland

    Seattle at Dallas

    Green Bay at Denver

    Indianapolis at Camolina

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