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  1. Was it cancelled due to the weather or for other reasons? Trying to decide if I want to drive to an event or not tonight. Thanks.
  2. Two of their best in my opinion, glad you had a great time.
  3. It's starting to happen for you then! I remember a conversation between several female members about this a few weeks back. Great news.
  4. reswati, this also belongs in the Happy thread? Congratulations!
  5. april_lynn, I am sorry to read this. Something similar happened to me a few years ago. Two incidents in a span of three months. I learned a tough lesson about leaving items on the floor in the basement. I won't list everything I lost, but since this is a music forum, I will mention I lost most of my vinyl. Best wishes, it will get better!
  6. jb126


    Cycling yes! I road bike several times a week in the good weather. I also enjoy mountain biking, but this is one of the few things in life that I won't do alone. No one in my current circle is interested in it. I do not run any longer and have no desire to start again. And you?
  7. Rondo looked a little emotional, usually he's such a cocky b'stard.
  8. I would not mind being wrong.
  9. That door may be closed and locked. Rondo torn ACL, probably out for the season. Ugh.
  10. ! My favorite chowder. I didn't think many knew what this is. Sorry for the interruption with my G rated comment.
  11. They forgot about providing shelter for pets that normally stay outdoors.
  12. For breakfast, large serving of cut fresh fruit, some walnuts and what probably equals a few quarts of coffee .
  13. Drinking mandarin orange green tea.
  14. "Winter is Coming" - in March! Season 3 starts on March 31. Great characters, fine acting (yes, lots of eye candy both male and female), costuming, scenery. I enjoy all of the Starks and Lannisters. I'll admit to getting a bit bored of Daenerys's story line in both the books and television show. I look forward to seeing how Season 3 plays out. Edit to remove repetitive statements. Would be good if I read my own previous comments.
  15. Lots of good ones ZEPFAN17. Haven't seen some of those in a while. What I have seen lately is "Braveheart", it's been on AMC quite a bit this week. Although I've seen it many times, I still find myself drawn to it.
  16. jb126

    Supermodel Jimmy

    Looks great. I love the multi layers.
  17. jb126


    Is it? Does anyone like curling? I became fascintated with it when I saw it in person at the Torino Olympics.
  18. jb126


    Participate in: Figure Skating, Cycling, Golf, Kickboxing (cardio class, not with a partner) and Roller Blade on occasion. Wish I had time for: Cross Country Skiing, Swimming, Martial Arts I will and do watch anything with the exception of auto racing.
  19. jb126

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    With wayyyy too many photos of Jimmy to choose a favorite, or even a top ten, the closeup of him from the Jule Felix show that is in the summer Uncut magazine is a gem. The background and some of the colors on his shirt match his guitar. I love his hippy shirt and the way one eye is hidden.
  20. I have seen three. One was many years ago when I was in my twenties and don't remember much of the show. Saw "Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience" and loved it. Lot of energy from the band and very emotional at times. Recently saw "Get the Led Out". Great time. They played songs to the studio version very very well, which required eight guys on stage for some songs . They played a few that I wasn't expecting like "Fool in the Rain", "Your Time is Gonna Come" and "Tangerine". I don't have a "worst" entry as I haven't seen that many.
  21. Congratulations Ravens fans, namely ebk and Black Dawg. They outplayed the Patriots in all aspects of the game and the win was well deserved.
  22. Simplicity can be great too. My non-musician opinion...but I love "The Crunge".
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