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  1. I like this thread. I tried several searches for a photo that I've seen posted, but couldn't find it just now. There are some photos of a woman on the stage who appears to be dancing, Robert going toward her with his arms out. Looks like a large outdoor stadium show, possibly 1977. Does anyone know why she was on the stage? Was she part of the show?
  2. Much better game than many of us would have guessed. Those drops could have been the dagger.
  3. Strider, on your first point above, I agree writing things out can be a catharsis. Led Zep Girl, it can be hurtful to be shut out, but as Strider said, you did your part in trying to resolve a conflict. The other party may come around at some point. Re: Weird Al. I think it was last week when I was looking at some Zeppelin videos in Youtube, I stumbled across an "interview" with Al and Robert Plant. Very funny.
  4. Lots of recent happiness for forum members. It would be ridiculous for me to repost all of the recent good news, so I'll just say "yay!" for all of you.
  5. Watching the Youtube video of "Dazed and Confused" from "TSRTS" again. There are better versions of this song for listening pleasure, but I love to watch this video .
  6. Divisional Round picks: Denver San Francisco Seattle New England
  7. Just sent that first URL off to my friend who gave me the rooster sauce, he says he likes how the label is modified. Cheers!
  8. Congratulations to you and your family. Five kids is a large family these days.
  9. That's quite a combo planted :-) I'm having a turkey wrap dressed with some Sriracha sauce that my friend brought into work for me to try. Never had it before, I like it.
  10. I had never heard the shows with both JPJ and JB singing on "Battle of Evermore". I think it's worse than JPJ alone! I like listening to the shows, e.g. Destroyer where it's just JPJ singing the responses. For me it's not good, but funny and cute.
  11. Sorry for the rant ZEPFAN17, but I cannot stand Curly Haired Boyfriend (moniker coined by Carl Everett). Even he probably doesn't believe half of the crap he spews.
  12. I wonder why anyone would quote anything written by that jackass Shaughnessy. He's the fraud.
  13. Really enjoyed looking through the photos Melanie. Priscilla was gorgeous then too.
  14. This does not bother me in the least. Similar to guys and girls who wear clothing with the logo of a popular sports team but don't know much about the team or even the sport for that matter. I have two t-shirts with the same design one black one red. "Led Zeppelin" with the four symbols beneath the lettering.
  15. One of the local sports radio stations I listen to plays the BC games. I listened to radio announcers yelling "Matty Ice" for years. Of course I don't "know" him, just what I've read and heard of him in interviews. Seems like an OK guy. Haven't made my picks for next weekend yet, that game is a tough one.
  16. I believe this is the first time I've posted in this thread. Anyway, having a mushroom and cheddar egg white omelette with plenty of tabasco sauce.
  17. In Ryan's defense, I don't think he calls himself that. He was called that when he was playing for Boston College.
  18. Sorta catchy I'll admit.
  19. Anyone have any good tips for Sue to find a record player (see her post #34)? Ebay also? I think I've seen posts here and there about people finding record players at yard(garage) sales.
  20. Not a fan of either team, but hoping for Notre Dame, just because they are a huge underdog.
  21. I cannot limit my personal list to 10. I would add, at least, "No Quarter" and some "Dazed and Confused" live versions.
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