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    Frisco? :slapface: Never, never, ever call it that...it's always San Francisco. Just as you never say SoCal when referring to Southern California. Just some friendly tips. ;)

    That gets on your nerves like "Beantown" gets on mine. ^_^


  2. Week 7 picks:


    Seattle at San Francisco

    Buffalo at Jacksonville

    Tampa Bay at Washington

    Atlanta at Tennessee

    New Orleans at Indianapolis

    Minnesota at Detroit

    Pittsburgh at Kansas City

    Cleveland at St. Louis

    Houston at Miami

    NY Jets at New England

    Oakland at San Diego

    Dallas at NY Giants

    Philadelphia at Camolina

    Baltimore at Arizona

  3. Week 6 picks:


    Atlanta at New Orleans

    Arizona at Pittsburgh

    Chicago at Detroit 

    Cincinnati at Buffalo 

    Denver at Cleveland

    Houston at Jacksonville

    Kansas City at Minnesota

    Miami at Tennessee 

    Washington at NY Jets

    Carolina at Seattle

    Baltimore at San Francisco 

    San Diego at Green Bay 

    New England at Indianapolis

    NY Giants at Philadelphia

  4. Week 5 picks:


    Indianapolis at Houston

    Chicago at Kansas City

    Seattle at Cincinnati

    Washington at Atlanta

    Jacksonville at Tampa Bay

    New Orleans at Philadelphia

    Cleveland at Baltimore

    St. Louis at Green Bay

    Buffalo at Tennessee

    Arizona at Detroit

    New England at Dallas

    Denver at Oakland 

    San Francisco at NY Giants

    Pittsburgh at San Diego


  5. The addition of the second wildcard may not be to everyone's liking, but it keeps things interesting during the season's last week when in the past most of the teams were "playing out the string" or resting up for the playoffs.  My favorite team has been out of it since the middle of the season, but I'm still checking scores a few times a night.

    Good luck to all of you who still have hope. Should be a good (rest of the ) week.

  6. Week 4 picks:


    Baltimore at Pittsburgh

    NY Jets at Miami

    Jacksonville at Indianapolis

    NY Giants at Buffalo

    Camolina at Tampa Bay

    Philadelphia at Washington

    Oakland at Chicago

    Houston at Atlanta

    Kansas City at Cincinnati

    Cleveland at San Diego

    Green Bay at San Francisco

    St. Louis at Arizona

    Minnesota at Denver

    Dallas at New Orleans

    Detroit at Seattle

  7. Washington at NY Giants

    Atlanta at Dallas

    Cincinnati at Baltimore

    Indianapolis at Tennessee

    Jacksonville at New England

    New Orleans at Camolina

    Oakland at Cleveland 

    Philadelphia at NY Jets

    Pittsburgh at St. Louis

    San Diego at Minnesota

    Tampa Bay at Houston 

    San Francisco at Arizona 

    Buffalo at Miami 

    Chicago at Seattle

    Denver at Detroit

    Kansas City at Green Bay

  8. The last few blood moons have not been visible from New England.  I'm hoping for Sunday.  Right now the forecast is calling for partly cloudy, that will be an improvement.  Hoping the forecast will change to clear skies.



  9. Week 2 picks:


    Denver at Kansas City

    Houston at Carolina

    San Francisco at Pittsburgh

    Tampa Bay at New Orleans 

    Detroit at Minnesota 

    Arizona at Chicago

    New England at Buffalo 

    San Diego at Cincinnati 

    Tennessee at Cleveland 

    Atlanta at NY Giants

    St. Louis at Washington

    Miami at Jacksonville

    Baltimore at Oakland

    Dallas at Philadelphia

    Seattle at Green Bay

    NY Jets at Indianapolis

  10. Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots

    Cleveland Browns at New York Jets

    Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

    Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

    Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

    Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams

    Miami Dolphins at Washington Redskins

    Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars

    Detroit Lions at San Diego Chargers

    New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals

    Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders

    Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

    New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

    Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons

    Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers

  11. Hi Charles,

    That is from the base of Mt. Monroe (NH) looking Southeast.

    Here's one of Katahdin (ME) in the distance, from Baxter State Park, and the following day at Pamola peak. Unfortunately the weather that day was so horrible there were no views.



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