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  1. I also think the Irish Journalist's question would have been OK in a different forum, perhaps a one-on-one interview with Jimmy. The headline to his story is odd to me. "Led Zeppelin Tribute to Gallagher". That's quite a stretch, in my opinion.

    After watching both recordings of the press conference, I have nothing but good feelings about it.

    I know nothing of these men except for what I can glean from articles, books, interviews, etc. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that Robert is very comfortable speaking to a large number of people, even if some of the questions may throw him off a bit. Jimmy is probably a little less comfortable, but speaks eloqently. John Paul probably hates it, hence the quick and quirky responses. The interviews I've read when John Paul is in a one-on-one are very good. Again, I am just basing this on an opinion.

    Another thank you here to those who posted the conference, photo and TBL links.

  2. Hey joe,

    If you go to some of the photo threads in the Meet & Greet section, there are quite a few posts that explain how to post pictures.

    I wanted to post one a few weeks back, but every time I did a preview it was gigantic, so I backed out.

    I hope you get them posted soon. This forum has been incredibly fun the last few weeks. The Cuttings and Articles thead is a favorite.

  3. Week 3 Picks:

    Giants at Panthers

    Buccaneers at Cowboys

    Jaguars at Colts

    Bills at Browns

    Jets at Dolphins

    Chiefs at Saints

    Bengals at Redskins

    Rams at Bears

    49ers at Vikings

    Lions at Titans

    Falcons at Chargers

    Eagles at Cardinals

    Steelers at Raiders

    Texans at Broncos

    Patriots at Ravens

    Packers at Seahawks

  4. Yeah, there's a couple out there with a blues theme.

    That stupid commercial has ruined "Smokestack Lightning" for me.

    I watched a bit of The Kids Are Alright recently, has anyone seen it? Is it worth trying to watch the whole movie? I've liked Ruffalo's acting in some other films.

  5. This is and another forum are the only ones I visit multiple times a day in recent months. I am still quite new here. I am surprised at the number of member "suicides" and bannings. What happened to MM?

    Is it politically incorrect to ask why a member was banned?

  6. All of the pets are so sweet, I especially love Bella the mini a few posts up. My dog is fluffy too.

    I want to post a picture, but no matter how I try to resize it in Photobucket, when I do a preview here it looks GIANT. Like take up a whole page giant ;-)

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