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  1. I call it the Hans Zimmer effect. If there is a consistent flaw to Christopher Nolan's recent films, it is an over-reliance on Hans Zimmer's pounding scores to the point that it can drown out the dialogue. Sometimes he needs to go more Alexandre Desplat and less Zimmer.

    The problem is that Nolan and his soundmixers have heard the dialogue a hundred times; they know it by heart. So it is unnoticeable to them that the score and effects sometimes buries the dialogue, thereby making it difficult for a first-time viewer to understand certain characters.

    In "The Dark Knight Rises", I understood most of Bane's dialogue, but there was a scene between Gary Oldman and Gordon-Levitt where Oldman's words were mush.

    This is a good point. Just remembered that I caught some of Big Fish on one of HBO channels this week. I did not have the same problem with Cotillard.

    ILoved the ending that allows you, the viewer, to decide. And what's not to love about the cast, especially the chemistry between Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who prove you don't have to be steroid-inflated goons to be a credible male action star. Brains and brawn.

    Been a fan of Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy for years. They have been in some older chickflick/period pieces. Pete Postelewaite (sp?) was always good.

    I appreciate the darker, more gothic side of the Batman tale but I really think I like the first one with Michael Keaton best. Then again, some of my fondest memories are of watching the original Batman television series as a kid so what the fuck do I know.

    Agree, Michael Keaton was excellent.

  2. I recently saw Petty live, and would have gone alone, but my 69 yr old father actually wanted to go with me! We had a great time, but I would have definitely bolted for front row had I been alone!

    BTW, nice to 'meet' a fellow New Englander!


    How nice. Nice to 'meet' you as well.

  3. Excellent. Most have had good experiences, a few weird ones, and one that must have been a truly (mind) blowing experience. I am definitely going. I know it might be a little weird, but I'll get over it.

    I don't regret asking the question, this thread has been an enjoyable read.

  4. Oh, those chairs are crazy! I have not had the opportunity to go to the new Stadium yet, I did get down to the old one during it's final year.

    From what I understand, the salary cap is not going to happen in my lifetime, the PA has the power & (legal) rights to keep things just the way it is.

  5. Yes, that is the rant of most who follow baseball, but not everyone. The team I follow broke my heart again last year, but now I'm just getting to a point of being disgusted. I'm sure you can guess who I follow. They are pretty much the reason I ended up finding this forum. I invested lots of time and money and love toward that team for a long time, but I had to get away from it.

    Anyway, it is not the fault of NYY, Sox, LA, etc. It is MLBs fault that they allowed this money imbalance situation to happen. I still love the game, I don't think it's "ruined" but it sure could use improvement. Let's not get started about DH vs no DH :-)

  6. By the way, I knew this forum would be a good place to discuss this topic.

    A few years ago I made the mistake of talking about going to an event alone with some colleagues. One of them called me a loser, he said it trying to be funny, but I didn't appreciate it. I did shut him up with my response. Needless to say, I won't be discussing this with him.

  7. Not sure if this belongs here or Ramble On, but here goes.

    Recently I attended my first big venue concert after a long hiatus. I had so much fun I made a vow to start seeing live music again. There's a concert I would like to attend, but can't get anyone interested in going. I usually don't let this stop me from doing something I want to do. I've been to MLB & NBA games, skating events, movies, etc. alone, but never an "assigned seating" concert. It's already very late to buy a ticket, but I think I can get a good seat since I'd only be looking for one.

    One very silly thing that is holding me back is that the vast majority of the audience will be much younger.

    Anyone care to share experiences (the good, bad, ugly) of going to a concert alone?


  8. Good times at the ballpark this afternoon....103 in the shade.... :)

    Went to a game in Arlington a few Sundays ago. I think it was 106. It was a very fast game, I think the players just wanted to be done with it.

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