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  1. Just register at MLB.com and you can vote up to 25 times. They do this in most sports now and I do not like it. I do not think it gives a fair sample of the public.

    I have not voted in years, but it used to be that you could vote as many times as you had the time and will for by creating multiple email addresses.

    I know it's not going to happen any time soon due to the money to be made, but I wish all of the so-called "all star" events would no longer be held. Although many of the players say "it's an honor to be recognized", I think it's just a p.i.t.a. to the players and teams.

    The Pro Bowl is a joke, the Slam Dunk contest has run it's course and I always cringe when I see players from the baseball team I follow participate in the Homerun Derby.

  2. Hi Everyone.

    I have enjoyed visiting this site for several months and decided it's time to leave lurkdom. I have started to listen to, explore and enjoy music again. For the last several years of the "listening" portions of my day have been spent either listening to sports radio or audibooks.

    I've already learned a Whole Lotta stuff and have had some laughs reading posts. I am on the shy side, so not sure how much I'll post, but wanted to say Hi.

  3. Did anybody notice on the 6/19/1969 Paris TV show performance video how john bonham was wearing a green tie dye shirt in one frame behind the drums and then a closer up view in an orange shirt in the next couple frames and back to the original view in the green tie die shirt?

    Perhaps it was a rehearsal when he had the orange shirt on? Near the end of the clip he is in orange again and hardly any of the seats are filled.

    Since this is already a little off topic - those white jeans look great on JPJ.

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