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  1. Week 16 picks:

    Tennessee @ Jacksonville

    San Diego @ San Francisco

    Philadelphia @ Washington

    Cleveland @ Camolina

    Detroit @ Chicago

    Baltimore @ Houston

    Minnesota @ Miami

    Atlanta @ New Orleans

    New England @ New York Jets

    Kansas City @ Pittsburgh

    Green Bay @ Tampa Bay

    New York Giants @ St. Louis

    Indianapolis @ Dallas

    Buffalo @ Oakland

    Seattle @ Arizona

    Denver @ Cincinnati

  2. Ditto. I was going to wait and tweak (not twerk) later, but I've got the same picks circled as you.

    Beautiful avatar by the way J.

    Hi Panther, thanks! That twerk comment gave me a laugh. Edit to add, you are in a silly mood, eh? "Double posties". Hehe.

  3. Week 15 picks:

    Arizona @ St. Louis

    Pittsburgh @ Atlanta

    Jacksonville @ Baltimore

    Green Bay @ Buffalo

    Tampa Bay @ Camolina

    Cincinnati @ Cleveland

    Houston @ Indianapolis

    Oakland @ Kansas City

    Miami @ New England

    Washington @ New York Giants

    Denver @ San Diego

    New York Jets @ Tennessee

    Minnesota @ Detroit

    San Francisco @ Seattle

    Dallas @ Philadelphia

    New Orleans @ Chicago

  4. Week 14 picks:

    Dallas @ Chicago

    Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

    St. Louis @ Washington

    New York Giants @ Tennessee

    Camolina @ New Orleans

    New York Jets @ Minnesota

    Baltimore @ Miami

    Indianapolis @ Cleveland

    Tampa Bay @ Detroit

    Houston @ Jacksonville

    Buffalo @ Denver

    Kansas City @ Arizona

    Seattle @ Philadelphia

    San Francisco @ Oakland

    New England @ San Diego

    Atlanta @ Green Bay

  5. Week 13 picks:

    Chicago @ Detroit

    Philadelphia @ Dallas

    Seattle @ San Francisco

    Washington @ Indianapolis

    Tennessee @ Houston

    Cleveland @ Buffalo

    San Diego @ Baltimore

    New York Giants @ Jacksonville

    Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay

    Oakland @ St. Louis

    New Orleans @ Pittsburgh

    Carolina @ Minnesota

    Arizona @ Atlanta

    New England @ Green Bay

    Denver @ Kansas City

    Miami @ New York Jets

  6. You know, I've heard about this, so I listened very carefully to my vinyl copy and I don't hear any distortion on The Ocean. I'm in the US, too. I'll listen again, but, I think mine is ok..

    I'm also in the US, purchased my sets from Amazon. Before I knew this thread existed, I had noticed some popping/crackling on The Rain Song vinyl. To my ear, The Ocean does not sound any different than the CD, but I do not have headphones for my home stereo. I'm not going to return the package, however, I don't mind the popping that much.

    I'm enjoying all of the recordings. To date, I've listened to the companions more than the originals, but that will probably change eventually.

  7. Week 12 picks in red:

    Kansas City @ Oakland

    Cleveland @ Atlanta

    Tennessee @ Philadelphia

    Detroit @ New England

    Green Bay @ Minnesota

    Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

    Cincinnati @ Houston

    NY Jets @ Buffalo

    Tampa Bay @ Chicago

    Arizona @ Seattle

    St. Louis @ San Diego

    Miami @ Denver

    Washington @ San Francisco

    Dallas @ NY Giants

    Baltimore @ New Orleans

  8. "Wendigo"

    Acryl on canvas board,

    30 x 40 cm.

    reswati - interesting interpretation of the "Wendigo". I remember reading about the Wendigo in Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" when I was young.

  9. Week 11 picks in red:

    Buffalo @ Miami

    Minnesota @ Chicago

    Houston @ Cleveland

    Seattle @ Kansas City

    Atlanta @ Carolina

    Cincinnati @ New Orleans

    Tampa Bay @ Washington

    Denver @ St. Louis

    San Francisco @ NY Giants

    Oakland @ San Diego

    Philadelphia @ Green Bay

    Detroit @ Arizona

    New England @ Indianapolis

    Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

    Here comes Walter!

    I too always seem to choose wrong when it comes to the Miami games - sorry Paul!

  10. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/remembrance-day-last-ceramic-poppy-planted-at-tower-of-london-to-mark-100-year-anniversary-of-first-world-war-9853203.html

    Some beautiful photos on the website in the link above. A quote from the story about the amazing ceramic poppy display at the Tower of London:

    "Each of the 888,246 blooms represents a British or Colonial military death during the First World War, which began a century ago."

    Servicemen and women - thank you.

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