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  1. You can blame the Miami game on me pc. For the last two years they have been "that team" for me. I can't seem to guess them properly...long way to go on this one though!
  2. Craziness in the early going.
  3. Some basics: Nine innings in a regular game - no ties in baseball Games are not timed, they go on for as long as it takes for a team to have more runs than the opponent Nine players are in the field on defense Visiting team bats first A run is scored when a batter touches all of the bases including home plate The batting team keeps going until there are three outs If the home team has the lead after the visiting team reaches three outs in the ninth inning the game is over If you digest that, I can give you more if you are interested.....and there is a lot more.
  4. Marlam, if you don't mind sharing, what brand and or model camera do you use? My camera went bouncing down a set of cement stairs like a Slinky. I would like to buy a new one without going too crazy on the price. I'd like one that is good for taking photos at concerts - cell phones take horrible photos under the bright lights of a show. But it also has to be a model that is allowed into a concert venue. I've got a few photos taken with my cell phone that I'd like to share. Somehow I was able to get a doe to pose for me :-).
  5. Much talent on display here.
  6. Week 10 picks in red: Cleveland @ Cincinnati Kansas City @ Buffalo Miami @ Detroit San Francisco @ New Orleans Pittsburgh @ NY Jets Atlanta @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ Jacksonville Tennessee @ Baltimore Denver @ Oakland St. Louis @ Arizona NY Giants @ Seattle Chicago @ Green Bay Camolina @ Philadelphia Panther - that is one scary elf.
  7. Week 9 picks in red: New Orleans @ Carolina Arizona @ Dallas Jacksonville @ Cincinnati New York Jets @ Kansas City Philadelphia @ Houston San Diego @ Miami Tampa Bay @ Cleveland Washington @ Minnesota St. Louis @ San Francisco Denver @ New England Oakland @ Seattle Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Indianapolis @ New York Giants
  8. Walter - Very Happy Birthday wishes to you and Mrs. Walter, and many happy returns. Happy Birthday to all October babies.
  9. So sorry I can only choose tonight's game. I will try to get the remaining games in tomorrow. New Orleans
  10. I missed his recent US tour. He does put on a hell of a show, I'm happy you were able to see it. Maybe he'll come back around in 2016.
  11. I too watched "Sonic Highways" - pretty good. Last weekend I saw "20,000 Days on Earth" in the theater. Here's a quick synopsis: Drama and reality combine in a fictitious 24 hours in the life of musician and international cultural icon Nick Cave. With startlingly frank insights and an intimate portrayal of the artistic process, the film examines what makes us who we are, and celebrates the transformative power of the creative spirit. I did not know much about Nick Cave before seeing the film, may have given a quick listen - a recommendation from our Strider. I am now a fan, been
  12. Week 8 picks in red: San Diego @ Denver Detroit @ Atlanta Falcons Baltimore @ Cincinnati Buffalo @ New York Jets Chicago @ New England Houston @ Tennessee Miami @ Jacksonville Minnesota @ Tampa Bay Seattle @ Carolina St. Louis @ Kansas City Philadelphia @ Arizona Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh Oakland @ Cleveland Green Bay @ New Orleans Washington @ Dallas
  13. A lot of sweet posts in here, quite a few of you guys are peaches. So sorry E, time to jump to football focus I guess.
  14. Week 7 picks in red NY Jets @ New England Atlanta @ Baltimore Carolina @ Green Bay Cincinnati @ Indianapolis Cleveland @ Jacksonville Miami @ Chicago Minnesota @ Buffalo New Orleans @ Detroit Seattle @ St. Louis Tennessee @ Washington Kansas City @ San Diego Arizona @ Oakland NY Giants @ Dallas San Francisco @ Denver Houston @ Pittsburgh
  15. Week 6 picks in red: Indianapolis @ Houston Chicago @ Atlanta Jacksonville @ Tennessee Baltimore @ Tampa Bay Denver @ New York Jets Detroit @ Minnesota New England @ Buffalo Carolina @ Cincinnati Pittsburgh @ Cleveland Green Bay @ Miami San Diego @ Oakland Dallas @ Seattle Washington @ Arizona New York Giants @ Philadelphia San Francisco @ St. Louis
  16. Hi E! Understood, leave it at that. Happy Season everyone.
  17. Anyone besides Strider and me who have favorite teams playing tonight?
  18. It was, thanks! How are you and your family? Hope things are getting better and better. The concert - It was a gorgeous night, Jack and his band played for about 2 1/2 hours. The stage was set on top of the bullpens at Fenway Park, the audience was seated in the bleachers. I thought they sounded great, he has a wonderful band. High energy, very entertaining.
  19. Good luck to you guys - and gal ebk - who have teams to support in the post season!
  20. Week 5 picks in red: Minnesota @ Green Bay Chicago @ Carolina Buffalo @ Detroit Houston @ Dallas Baltimore @ Indianapolis St. Louis @ Philadelphia Cleveland @ Tennessee Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville Tampa Bay @ New Orleans Atlanta @ NY Giants Arizona @ Denver NY Jets @ San Diego Kansas City @ San Francisco Cincinnati @ New England Seattle @ Washington ebk - Good luck with that other thing
  21. Week 4 picks in red: NY Giants @ Washington Buffalo @ Houston Carolina @ Baltimore Detroit @ NY Jets Green Bay @ Chicago Miami @ Oakland Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh Tennessee @ Indianapolis Jacksonville @ San Diego Atlanta @ Minnesota Philadelphia @ San Francisco New Orleans @ Dallas New England @ Kansas City
  22. Elton was one of my favorites growing up too. After not seeing him live since the early 90s, I went to a show last year, not expecting to love it. I was proven wrong. He was fantastic. He signed autographs during the "encore pause" at the show I went to as well. I've talked about it a lot - I had never seen it done and was impressed. Maybe EJ is not such a diva after all!
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