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  1. Week 3 picks in red Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Baltimore @ Cleveland Dallas @ St. Louis Green Bay @ Detroit Houston @ NY Giants Indianapolis @ Jacksonville Minnesota @ New Orleans Oakland @ New England San Diego @ Buffalo Tennessee @ Cincinnati Washington @ Philadelphia San Francisco @ Arizona Denver @ Seattle Kansas City @ Miami Pittsburgh @ Camolina Chicago @ NY Jets
  2. Hi pc! Had a fantastic summer (even though the RSox suck). Hope you are well.
  3. Thanks for that heads up Deborah J. I'm seeing JW on the 17th. Apparently he did a cover of "The Lemon Song" at his last show. Wishful thinking on my part that he'd add it to his normal setlist.
  4. Week 2 picks in red: Pittsburgh @ Baltimore Miami @ Buffalo Jacksonville @ Washington Dallas @ Tennessee Arizona @ NY Giants New England @ Minnesota New Orleans @ Cleveland Atlanta @ Cincinnati Detroit @ Carolina St. Louis @ Tampa Bay Seattle @ San Diego Houston @ Oakland NY Jets @ Green Bay Kansas City @ Denver Chicago @ San Francisco Philadelphia @ Indianapolis Hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your summer.
  5. I'll admit to being a novice when it comes to knowing details about classic music and composers. Most of what I know is from searching for pieces to skate to, or from watching skating and dance performances. Also a lot of "period" films have classical music in their soundtracks. I own a few CDs. However, this summer I purchased a new home stereo system and have started to build a new vinyl collection. A lovely friend sent me some fine classical music records. I love being able to read and have music playing simultaneously. My current favories are Pachelbel's Canon and Albinoni's Adagio. So beautiful. Hopefully there will be more contributions to this thread, I'd like to learn about the more obscure (to me) composers, e.g. the Finish.
  6. Seattle New Orleans St. Louis Pittsburgh Philadelphia New York J Cincinnati Chicago Houston Kansas City New England Tampa Bay San Francisco Denver Detroit Arizona
  7. Happy Birthday ebk! Hope it's lovely.
  8. Happy Birthday Strider. Many happy returns of the day.
  9. Beck July 26, Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) Providence Rhode Island The PPAC is a gorgeous old theatre in downtown providence built in 1928. Musicals, plays and concerts are performed there. Saturday night's show was both theater and a concert. Pleasantly surprised by Sean Lennon and his band "The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger". The guy can play. We would see him later a few times during the show. Photo below: Beck talked about stopping the Newport Folk Festival earlier in the day (about 30 miles South of Providence). Perhaps inspired by the Folk Festival, he started out his show with several songs from his "Morning Phase" record, which was fine with me. Over at the Folk Fest, Jack White was headlining Saturday's show. Earlier in the week I was bemoaning the fact that it would not be possible to see both Beck and Jack White. A clip from "Waking Light": http://youtu.be/9OLGkMt40E4 About midway through the show, the music and energy got more lively. I loved the sample of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love". Toward the end of the set, Beck did a James Brown-like piece during "Debra" with Sean Lennon draping Beck in a cape. Good fun. A clip from "Devil's Haircut": http://youtu.be/tAS0ybA9Otg The show closed with "E-Pro", "dying" band members, and Beck closing off the stage with yellow crime scene tape. At the start of the encore, Beck said he had a special guest, who he called "the best bartender in the world". To the audience's delight it was Jack White! The encore lasted for nearly a half hour. The final song "Where It's At" included Lennon joining in on tambourine, and the headliners plus band mates doing a synchronized dance. When did they have time to choreograph and practice? ;-) The show of the year for me so far - and I was able to see both Beck and Jack White on Saturday :-). White doing a solo: "Ensemble" :
  10. Needless to say, this is very upsetting news. pottedplant was a cool woman - and damned good at picking NFL game winners. I don't have anything else to add that hasn't been said. Rest in peace potted.
  11. jb126

    4th of July

    Happy Independence Day! The only Arthur in town today is the storm. The Pops concert and fireworks were rescheduled to last night....a wise move. We are getting so much rain we're getting flash flood alerts on cell phones and such.
  12. July 14 - Queens of the Stone Age July 16 - Aerosmith and Slash July 26 - Beck Aug 30 - Tom Petty Sep 17 - Jack White Sep 21 - Black Keys
  13. Now that the USA is out, after thinking about it for a few days I'm rooting (supporting) the Dutch Lions as well. Been enamored with the Dutch fans since witnessing their passion and esprit de corps at the 2006 winter Olympics. Tomorrow I'll wear orange for my bike ride. For Strider, I'll hope for success for the German Mannschaft.
  14. I look forward to hearing your full reviews Deborah. This is a great way to compare. I cannot do this (originals ruined - long story). However, I am thrilled to say I have a turntable again and loving it.
  15. Mine as well. It remains to be seen if I'll stick with it, but for the first time I've been doing some web searches and asking questions about the game. My favorite baseball team is painful to watch at present so that might have something to do with it. :-)
  16. Happy Birthday zepscoda, Sue and reswati.
  17. More belated wishes for May and June birthdays - slavetozep, Super Dave, and our resident sports thread accountant - Mr. Carruthers.
  18. Would be fun if they brought Gwen back to show how she's faring in her career. Eagerly waiting for the final two books from Mr. Martin. I think book 6 is coming out in 2015?
  19. Best of luck, speedy recovery, hope you get to listen to some good music while you're resting.
  20. That would be crazy thinking in my opinion. Never take your foot (skate) off the throat of the opponent. The Kings have played so many minutes, I'm sure they want to win tonight.
  21. SozoZoso, that was too good, I watched it twice. In my opinion, last night's episode was good, but not as good as the previous one. Highlights for me were Samwell's continued growth, when he freed Ghost, and the wooly mammoth - awesome creatures they were.
  22. Hi Walter, hope you, Mrs. W and Jr. W are all well. After a long day of work and play, I only had a chance to open I, and listened to the CDs in the car and at the office today. I'll be playing my records tonight. I just got my turntable and other components set up last weekend. I felt the same way when I handled my first vinyl in many years. My friend asked me if a record I was playing sounded good, I responded "it sounds great, and feels great in my hands too". I like your idea about framing the artwork. I have some siblings that would love something like that as a gift. Will be back later in the week for more updates. Such fun, love it.
  23. Fun topic. Since I only had a short time with my set last night, I've only opened "I" so far - I have number 15215.
  24. The Kings are gonna have their day tonight The Kings are gonna have their way tonight The Chicago 'Hawks grumble "fair fight" But if they start a rumble Kings will rumble 'em right..............
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