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  1. Hi guys, Im New to this forum, so sorry of a topic like this has already been made or something, but I was just wondering if any of you know how much an A). Guitar signed my ALL members of LZ (meaning including Bonzo) . Guitar signed by surviving members of LZ (I don't care if Jason Bonham has signed it or not) C). Guitar just signed by Jimmy Page D). Guitar played & signed by Jimmy Page So yeah, I'm looking into potentially purchasing one of those items, Im well aware of their potential price tags, and how difficult it could be to find one, but I was just wondering if
  2. I'm surprised how many people have said caroulselambra, I like that one!
  3. To be honest, there are very few Zep songs that, when they begin to play on my iPod, I immediately change. There are many songs I'm not in love with, but that I'll still listen to every once in a while. Here are a few: Trampled under foot The Ocean The Song Remains the same Once again, I still enjoy litening to these songs occasionally, an I still enjoy those songs, but not at the same level as songs like; in my time of dying, in the light, Kashmir, no Quarter, ten years gone etc.
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