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    Firefighting, Singing, Violin, Property Management and Wrecking People's Heads to get to know them better! :)

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  1. Here my cover of A Whole Lotta Love; hope you like the video. From Avri in Ireland. https://vimeo.com/27568388
  2. Time to put more Songwriter into the Singer! They say that everyone usually needs a reason to do anything. Guess my reason will be to put at least one written song up a week for you guys!

  3. You will notice my use of the melody is slightly different; I go down in a descending scale, for the words "Gonna Give You My Love", whereas the original lilts with an upwards intonation. As it says in the Vimeo blurb, I had not listened to the Led Zeppelin original for about a year before recording this; and instead based my vocal pace, attitude and melody on one Kristin Kapelli. She is a female power singer, in the style of Janis Joplin and is from America, living in Dublin.
  4. Am recording violin.

  5. http://vimeo.com/27568388 Here's a cover from Dublin that I sweated a bit over! Avs
  6. Some people have a calendar for doctors appointments, other people for dates, other people for work related meetings...I really need to put up a purely social calendar on the wall, so I know what is going down, where and when! When I step outside; wouldn't it be always nice to know what good options there are to go out, that particular night? Ha.

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