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  1. I am looking for the March 12th 2006 Neumarkt Germany show. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. You can send questions to Pete on the Who website. This was the queston followed by Pete's answer. Tonne99: What was your reaction to hearing Jimmy Page was trying to steal members of your band? Did your feelings change over time? P.S. Have you heard Alejandro Escovedo's Sensitive Boys? I'm not sure that was what happened. Roger and Keith locked horns and they both left the band briefly. We were all children. We were full of really silly ideas and we came to our senses quickly. Do you know what Keith and John wanted to call their new band? It's so daft. "Led Zeppelin". You have to laugh. PS I just Googled Alehandro etc and so now I've heard it.
  3. About half way down on this, Pete talks a little about Zep.http://www.thewho.com/index.php?module=blog&blog_item_id=199.
  4. We where all the way on the left side so maybe the sound was just off on the sides. I do like most of Raising Sand but live the show was just slow. Robert out touring and happy is all I can ask for. Where ever that leads him and then inturn us will hopefully be as fun as the last 20 years I have followed him.
  5. I have seen Robert 20+ times and this was by far the worst. What was so amazing. The weather was great but the sound in the pavilian was poor. The band was good. Alison does have a great voice. Robert's voice sounded very strong. In the past Robert and what ever band he was with pushed the music, last night it just felt like he was holding back. It was a good show but far from what he is capable of.
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