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  1. Probably not. Known one another for years and JP and Paul Rodgers contributed to the Willie And The Poor Boys project helmed by Bill Wyman just before the JP and PR formed the Firm.
  2. I'd read somewhere on the web that the issue was one of curfew and (possibly) public transport. The account was from a stage tech. Grand Funk were going down very well. So well that their manager tried to keep things going (he had quite an interest). So did Grant and Co. They would get fined (and I think, did) and had visas etc to consider. So apparently the power was cut as Grand Funk went over time and then Zeppelin played resulting in going over time as well. Pitting Grant against the Funk manager and making an issue out of height and build etc merely creates false equivalency. Even now there is a lot of emotion; rock fans going out of their mind are not going to understand the the reason and certainly not when the "we blew Zeppelin off stage" narrative is repeated but unsupported by all the facts. Grand Funk did capitalize on the event. Did not read of Zeppelin taking an hour and a half between sets though . More grist to rock politics fire. First casualty facts.
  3. Speaking of pedantic are there any other versions of Nobody's Fault But Mine (oh the irony) which have the extra 4bars of intro then the first box set? Thanks for the answers on the Coda query. While (kind of) logical it still seems... not right. Probably not as bad as the foul up made on DW 2 (Soundtracks version, not sure about the vinyl or other CD issue. The missing Big Band Sax And Violence - which he made especial effort in the booklet to say it was being emphasized. Then left it off....
  4. On the box set versions of Coda the bonus content of the 1990 - 1993 box sets (I've the Japanese LP replica set) were included including the 27 June '69 BBC take of White Summer / Black Mountain Side. However for the expanded version of Coda this track has not been included. Plenty of room, heaven knows (sic). Just wondered if anyone knew why not. If the topic has already been addressed or answered I would be grateful for the link. Thanks.
  5. When I saw the five I wondered if it was going to read V1/2 next.. aka Live In Seattle (one of my very first vinyl bootlegs!) Idle specualtion of course, but if it's not O2/ some new material / both... what's left really? A good '77 live anthology? I / we should be so lucky,,, Might be the soundboard rehearsal..? Incidentally neither the fourth nor first album had Roman numerals... I really do hope it's not the Zeppelin equivalent of the recent monster Kiss book of photos... that was 5K + in anyone's money of somethng unreadable, unviewable etc...
  6. Oh, the worst moemts...The drugged incompetence moments are the worst times really. The guitar solo in All My Love e.g.Brussels 80 is beyond belief in terms of awfulness. Despite these moments I pretty much love everything Zeppelin did live. Though there were a few things I would prefer they had not done such as play a blues or Nutrocker or otherwise cheer up No Quarter and ruin the mood. SIBLY in Cologne 80, Kashmir 23 June 77, or in Zurich 80 the mistakes are not really excusable, not by these guys, they're not amateurs. The evident disinterest by Plant on Stairway in Copenhagen 79 is not a good listen. White Summer in Berlin 80 - oh dear... What is interesting is the fact we can isolate the appalling from everything else which is either fantastic or not quite to an individual's taste. Most rock bands are frankly not that interesting by comparison. Of the c. 550 concerts played of which I think it's 298 that are referenced one way or another are those of pioneers. As musicians they did not have many examples of what not to do and the terms of reference and perception of time then (as opposed to now) is way different. Attention spans are quicker and shorter now. Imagine any rock band requiring a 14 year old fan to listen to variously tuned rock guitars, dissonance (OTHaFA at times), jazz and classical, acoustic music, drum solos for 3 plus hours. Imagine a ballad at an Iron Maiden concert... For the most part there is great listening and a physical decline due to being trapped in a glare of expectation that put undue pressure on the Zeppelin members. I must say the Page Plant concerts in 1995 and 1996 are the most creative and interesting... probably by anyone really. The addition of other musicians helped best express their expanded horizons. Oh yes, the Zeppelin concerts were not meant to be listened to over and over and deeply analysed unlike the albums. The fact is the concerts are repeated listening among Zep fans and the results are amazing. The lesser moments are few and the great are many. I've heard an awful lot of stunning music over the years in all forms and now Zeppelin are still, of all progressive music bands... the best.
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