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    Los Angeles California
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    My interest is solely Led Zeppelin. I can't get enough of Page, Grant, Plant, Jones, and Bonham! They were and still are to me what Mickey Mantle was to baseball.

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  1. These are fantastic photos Steve Jones! You are truely the only officianado that comes through with not only information but also wonderful rare photos. I'm truely grateful for your passion and generosity. Thanks again Steve! sincerely, David..........Horselunges
  2. Steve, everytime you come through with the rare Zeppelin hard to find Photos; Your the number "ONE" Zeppelin aficianado(hands down bar none). God Bless SteveA.Jones!

  3. Excellent Plumpton shots Steve. Only Steve A Jones could provide excellent quality shots of Page's Plumpton and provide information to Horselunges on how to pull his head out and navigate this web site! As always, thanks Steve, Horselunges

  4. Thank you Steve jones! Horselunges

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