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  1. This particular photo appears to be Zeppelin en route to the Inglewood forum(Los Angeles) to see Elvis Presley circa 1975
  2. These are fantastic photos Steve Jones! You are truely the only officianado that comes through with not only information but also wonderful rare photos. I'm truely grateful for your passion and generosity. Thanks again Steve! sincerely, David..........Horselunges
  3. Excellent question! I first encountered Page speaking at the Arms festival in 1983. I had never herd him speak prior to that show that I had also attended. I owned a large collection of bootlegs in which Plant, Bonham and Jones all spoke; Only one boot that I have to this day, one of my favorite, has Page audibly speaking or shouting rather after " I can't quit You babe". This would be Zeppelin live at the fillmore west april 27th 1969. What a great question!
  4. Steve, everytime you come through with the rare Zeppelin hard to find Photos; Your the number "ONE" Zeppelin aficianado(hands down bar none). God Bless SteveA.Jones!

  5. Excellent Plumpton shots Steve. Only Steve A Jones could provide excellent quality shots of Page's Plumpton and provide information to Horselunges on how to pull his head out and navigate this web site! As always, thanks Steve, Horselunges

  6. I've been an avid fan of Led zeppelin since 1978. I enjoy the learning and sharing of Zeppelin information especially when it involves the fifth member "Peter Grant". In fact, I really enjoy learning of both Jimmy Page and his cohort Peter Grant. Without Peter Grant, Zeppelin would still have been a successful band however they would not have garnered the financial Apex that they achieved without Grant's unwavering direction. For the last couple of years I've really enjoyed learning all I can about Peter Grant's personal and professional life. Grant has inspired me to delve further not only into his business dealings but also with his surviving family members' lives; One of the great mysteries to me yet to be revealed. I encourage and welcome any information on one of the greatest pioneers of the music industry "Peter Grant"
  7. Thank you Steve jones! Horselunges

  8. The best recorded Led zeppelin I've ever encountered, and I've heard and collected many in years past was recorded at the fillmore west in San Francisco april 27th 1969. No other boot that I've collected or herd even came close. The widely legal marketed "Song Remains the Same" though not a boot leg is the only other live recording that I would compare with the quality of the fillmore show. This recording is an absolute listening must. I also am open ears to any others that you might find to be extremely significant in their sound quality. sincerely, Horselunges
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