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  1. The first guitarist to be recorded bending was T-bone Walker, today sadly forgotten.
  2. I play 12 strings acoustic, electric as well as 6 strings. 12 strings aren't more difficult to play than 6 strings, you just have to get used.
  3. Communication breakdown covered by Iron Maiden is amazing, it was the first Led Zep song I heard and I understood I was going to love that band.
  4. Achille's last stand Kashmir In the light Tea for one How many more times Caroselambra In my time of dying
  5. Does he have anything available for next Walpurgis?
  6. Mmm...interesting stuff, thank you for the tip! Of course listening to Lucifer rising when you're going to work is kinda...odd.
  7. Registered as well...I would also like a cd version but if I win one of these deluxe version I promise I'll buy a record player.
  8. Probably Black dog, from the way it jumps out from the song and the many original ideas for the time.
  9. Does R'nR count as religion?
  10. Jimmy is a celtic english IMO, it's pretty clear from the hair...slanted eyes are the norm for oriental people, but also occur in occidentals.
  11. Mmm...it doesn't look an aegyptian scarab to me, do you have any sources about it? I thought it was an arabian jewel or something like that...
  12. Achille's last stand. To me as a guitarist it's the most epic and adventurous composition they ever tried to make. Learning it is amazing and very, very difficult. The crowd just know Stairway to Heaven, but the true fans know that the peak of Les Zep's creativity was undoubtely Achille's last stand.
  13. Babe I'm gonna leave you. Best acoustic sound ever recorded until today, that's the reason why. The second one would be communication breakdown because I love to play it.
  14. LZ1: Babe I'm gonna leave you, communication breakdown, dazed and confused. LZ2: That's difficult...heartbreaker, thank you, ramble on LZ3: Since I've been loving you, immigrant song, tangerine LZ4: Black Dog, Rock'n'roll, battle of evermore HOTH:The song remains the same,the rain song, no quarter Physical graffiti: since it's a double I call six songs, the rover, Kashmir, in the light, sick again, ten years gone, brom y ar Presence: Achille's last stand, nobody's fault but mine, candy store rock ITOTBD: I skipped that album Coda: nothing memorable, sorry.
  15. 7000 is too much, especially now that they're reissuing a lot of double beck including the white one of Hotel California. IMO the guitar might be worth 3000.
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