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  1. Beth and I really had a great time chatting with SUZI QUATRO as part of our Artist Spotlight Podcast Series. We chat about her incredible upcoming new album (The Devil In Me), Elvis' influence (and even turning him down for a Graceland visit), playing Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days, desert island discs and a time period she'd like to travel back to and LOTS more! Check it out here: https://artistspotlightpodcast.libsyn.com/artist-spotlight-podcast-series-suzi-quatro
  2. LOVE this new episode of Boppin' With Beth!! Her "focus beam" artist this week is Dave Edmunds which I'm a HUGE fan of!!! You hear some of his influences: Chuck Berry, Jerry Reed, George Harrison, Carl Perkins and a couple of the many folks he produced: The Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Everly Brothers. And of course Beth Riley tells a lot of his history and spins a couple of his tunes (and a Rockpile track) as well! I do a classic Sonny Burgess song in Rockabilly Rewind and Beth also plays The Carolyn Sills Combo, Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen, Chet Atkins and Steve Cropper (with Delbert McClinton)! What a great start to the weekend!! Tune in here: https://www.mixcloud.com/BethRiley1969/boppin-with-beth-01-08-21-focus-beam-on-dave-edmunds/
  3. GREAT new episode of Boppin' With Beth this week!! Beth's "Focus Beam" spotlight is Robert Plant with a couple of his tunes as well as some of his influences like Muddy Waters, ELVIS PRESLEY, Robert Johnson, Skip James, Howlin' Wolf and LOTS more! I play an Art Adams tune in "Rockabilly Rewind" and Beth also plays tracks from Danny B. Harvey and Darrel Higham (with Plant on vocals). Definitely one to check out: https://www.mixcloud.com/BethRiley1969/boppin-with-beth-12-18-20-focus-beam-on-robert-plant/
  4. JD McPherson is this week's "focus beam" artist on Boppin' With Beth. Not only will you hear a couple of solo tunes, you'll hear a track from his previous band, Starkweather Boys. Plus, lots of tunes from influences and peers including Pat Cupp, The Bellfuries, Led Zeppelin, High Noon, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, The Blasters, Sonny Burgess and more! He's got a great story too which I'll tell along the way! My husband Jammin' James Riley has an Elvis Presley tune in his Rockabilly Rewind segment and we hear tracks from Doug MacLeod and Reverend Horton Heat! Listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/BethRiley1969/boppin-with-beth-10-09-20-focus-beam-on-jd-mcpherson/
  5. Darrel Higham is guest on Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour this week (link below)! We chat about early influences particularly Eddie Cochran (and playing with The Kelly Four), playing with Slim Jim Phantom in the Katmen, his Hell's Hotel album and Robert Plant who appears on the album, brand new singles and a special request for The Jets! We also spin tunes from recent collaborations with Jittery Jack and Rocky Burnette as well as a live track from Jeff Beck featuring Darrel on vocals as they cover Gene Vincent! Hear episode here: http://rockabillynblues.blogspot.com/2018/11/darrel-higham-interview-with-new-tunes.html
  6. Just a reminder about our upcoming "Cochran Countdown" on Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour to celebrate what would have been Eddie Cochran's 80th birthday. Lots of votes have been cast for our "Top 5" listener voted "Cochran Countdown" during October. We'll tabulate the results by the end of this month to prepare the shows. Votes are super close so if you haven't voted yet, go to this link and let us know your favorite: http://rockabillynblues.blogspot.com/p/favorite-eddie-cochran-song.html Please don't put your vote in a reply as I'd hate to miss any votes.
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