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  1. Sounds a lot like Zep, and very, very young guys...
  2. Here's a new recording, hope somebody enjoys it!! :-)
  3. I guess he really, really doesn't want to do it... http://ultimateclassicrock.com/led-zeppelin-desert-trip-reunion/
  4. I recorded a double album of rock music and since I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan, I figured some fellow forumites might enjoy it...check out a preview on Apple Music below. Ghosts of Sunset Strip - Black Hole Gravity
  5. I can see that, it does have a similar vibe...I love Kashmir!!
  6. It is my solo side project, I also play in Broken Romeo
  7. Here's a new track I just completed...lots of Les Paul and a little strat on this one. https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/world-goes-round
  8. D'Addario for me, 10-46...they sound good, I can get them at a good price, and they never let me down...
  9. Here's my latest original track I'm Waiting...hope you guys enjoy it!! https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/im-waitingfeat-rudiger
  10. Sounds pretty good, love me some Queen (and Zep, of course!!) Maybe try finding the multitracks online, then you could do a version without playing over the Roger Taylor drums...could be cool!!
  11. For something small and reliable, I would vote one of the new Marshall DSL 40's lots of great tones at a fair price...
  12. Well, thanks for listening anyways ...good thing I have a thick skin
  13. Here's another new one, hope someone enjoys it https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/feeling-down
  14. Here's a new track using lots of guitars and a harpsichord!! Strange combo I know https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/harpsichord-redux
  15. I used the Fuzz Face model from the Zoom G3 pedal...thanks for listening!!
  16. Thanks man...greatly appreciated, thanks for listening!!
  17. Here's a brand new recording utilizing some fuzz tones and a 6/8 time sig...enjoy!! https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/white-noise-black-hearts
  18. How about jay buchanan from rival sons...now that guy has some pipes!!
  19. Here's a new guitar heavy rock track I did...hope someone enjoys https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/free-form-destiny
  20. Thanks for the feedback...I'll see what I can do about tweaking the drums a bit, and report back.
  21. Here's a new, more rock oriented song I just completed...hope someone enjoys it https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/right-here
  22. Rearranging the classic songs is a way to change the vocal parts to ease the strains of touring and better suit Robert's voice of today.
  23. I do like Collective Soul...not a huge influence on me, but I can see the comparison for sure...thanks for listening!!
  24. My ode to the rock music of yesterday, that I love so much... https://soundcloud.com/blackholegravity/rock-is-dead
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