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  1. I was there last night and uploaded vidoe's of each bandmember arriving...I was literally ten feet from their cars.....many other cool videos and comments about the night...... http://www.facebook.com/frontrowdave
  2. SuperDave Rocks!!!! Great to see you Tuesday night...what an amazing experience...i arrived in London this morning and am completely exhausted.....i'll be writing up a review as well on saturday....i'll be seeing the movie again at the hammersmith apollo tomorrow.... one cool thing to mention...when the band enterted the theater everyone gave them a HUGE standing ovation and cheered for them..... it was so incredible i turned on my cellphone and recorded it...although it is very short....check out my facebook page for updates....all of the information is public.... i also have several pics of hason and john paul, some video of robert, jason and jimmy...a few questions i asked Nech about the press conference...lots of goodies there! Feel free to friend me... Rock on LZ.com forum members! http://www.facebook.com/frontrowdave
  3. I also have a video clip of Robert entering the post movie party which was held at the monkey bar, just down the road from the zeigfeld... http://www.facebook.com/frontrowdave
  4. jimmy did not sign anything on the way out either...one young girl reached out and touched him from behind....you should have heard her....hysterical moment.....
  5. i was there...however jimmy came in the front door, jpj, robert and jason came in through the back door....none of them signed autographs on the way in, however on the way out jason allowed photos, signed autographs for several FANS asl well as JPJ....Robert went straight to his SUV with only one high five to a very grateful fan.... I have some videos up on my facebook page....Front Row Dave ......i just arrived in London for the red carpet premier tomorrow....there are loads of updates as well as my posts about john paul jones being on the same flight i was.....he arrived in london at 835am today.....
  6. I did not attend the press conference however I did attend the movie itself....simply phenomenal....Led Zeppelin in all their glory....simply stunned by the enormity of Kashmir....Stairway....tears.....
  7. This is what Sam put in the initial post: The film will make its U.S. debut at the historic Ziegfeld Theater in New York’s theater district on October 9. Prior to the premiere, founding members John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant will be joined by Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer John Bonham, for a press conference at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. But it would make more sense if they watched the movie and then did a press conference, like they did in London already.....but who knows for sure?
  8. Hello Strider! Bigzepfan here...... Noone took me up on the ride....however I was first in line in both Indianapolis(830AM in the rain) and Chicago - 930AM - and of course front row for both shows..... In Chicago I rocked out so hard to Elephants that I nearly had a heart attack....truly scared myself....had to catch my breath for a bit.... I'm so glad I did it....It was a long trip for two shows, but I just HAD to see them...and I was right...they did not continue.....
  9. Thanks Deborah! I'm sure I'll be interviewing some FANS! Before, after, but not during....my eyes will be glued to the screen! So very excited to be going all the way there to see it....
  10. Thinking Hot Dog, but it depends on the day.....
  11. Where: Hammersmith Apollo, Queen Caroline Street, London When: Friday, October 12 How Far Away: Esimated at 3850 miles. I bought my tickets on October 1, exactly five years to the day I purchased my tickets for the concert itself. Tix are 20 Pounds and still available.... Purchased at the venue website....with huge thanks to Sam for posting the link! With whom will you be attending film: Still up in the air.. Will also be attending Milford, CT on October 17 and probably a few other shows over the next few days after the release. Also going to plan a local get-together once the DVD is released around the Woodstock, NY area for those who couldn't travel. Rock On!
  12. I agree....and feel for ya zosorose....they should make at least a limited number of tickets available to the general public....as they did in London.... There will be fans gathering outside the movie theater and the museum on the ninth....I'll be there and several others....I know it's a long trip from Michigan without getting to meet them and probably only a brief glimpse of them, but feel free to come and join us! Tickets are still available for London......I just bought two tickets and am driving two hours down to NYC and then flying to London to see the movie..... and hopefully have a chance to say hello to the bandmembers....would be really awesome if they had an autograph signing, but am doubting this will happen... Rock On and I'll be sure to let everyone here know how it went!
  13. The NY event is private...no ticket will be sold to the public. This information is according to the person i spoke to today at the ziegfeld box office...
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