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  1. Hello Strider! Bigzepfan here...... Noone took me up on the ride....however I was first in line in both Indianapolis(830AM in the rain) and Chicago - 930AM - and of course front row for both shows..... In Chicago I rocked out so hard to Elephants that I nearly had a heart attack....truly scared myself....had to catch my breath for a bit.... I'm so glad I did it....It was a long trip for two shows, but I just HAD to see them...and I was right...they did not continue.....
  2. Thinking Hot Dog, but it depends on the day.....
  3. Just received a TickCo Event Alert that there will be a show at the Greek Theatre, Los Angelas on October 11, 2012. On February 7 I posted that they are playing in Michigan and it would be the start of a tour....however it's only a one-off. Let's hope this one is the start of another tour!!!
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